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Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get past the Badlands! Knocked on lockdowns door a few times in about the 4-5 months (honestly; may have been longer) but can not get in! Please advise! Getting just a little tired of trying to advance and can’t !


I used a high level stegoceratops.
Got me out in no time.
I used him while he was level 16, and a level 15 rex helped a lot.

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Level up your Suchotator and Stegosaurus


What would you say is giving you more trouble? When I was down there months ago, Stegoceratops was my Nemesis… That’s when I created and leveled up my Anky. And it worked.


Ankylosaurus carried me from Mt. Sibo to Lockdown


I preferred Ankylocodon, 'cause of immunity.


Oh😂. I never really used her but she’s always given me a hard time, especially back when her shields were unbreakable. I’m hoping she gets a hybrid.

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Level up your best dinosaurs. Keep levelling them and unlock hybrids. That’s the only way to increase through the Arenas


I grinded for about a month or two when I was in Badlands, I waited until I had Stegodeus, Indominus Rex and Paramoloch in my team. Indom and Stegodeus are still with me and sadly, Para went to the bench.


This is my team!!! Please help me advance to lockdown!


Your team is kinda slow… need some speed for sure. Dime gen 2 should also not be there… posting your bench would be useful


You really don’t need three hard hitters. I would swap 2 of them. Question is what you have to put in team instead.
You need some fast dinos, possibly with distracting moves.


You need more bulk! More tanks, tanks allow your team to take more damage. Why not try running something like Einiosuchus and Postimetrodon.

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In my opinion, ditch the entire bottom row. You want velociraptor and either Utahraptor or Delta for two. I’d also suggest something that slows the enemy and or negates positive abilities.

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Choose 1 or 2 between Rex, Tarbo or Allo.

You really need some speed there…

Do not level up Rex, Nodopato or DimeG2, not because they aren’t any good, but because you need their DNA for better hybrids.

KEEP Stegoceras, Suchotator and Ankylocodon. Many use them in higher arenas (including myself) and they’re still very competitive.

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Thanks for all your help


You can take there of there advice my friend. Or you could just give up and move to the desert like I did. I have lived in the badlands for about a year now. I’m not a big gamer but I got addicted to JWA about 1.5 years ago shot up to the badlands quick and been there every since. If you find a way out PLEASE let me know. If not come see me I have plenty of water…


ROFL!!! I have been your neighbor for quiet some time now, but will let you know if I move!!


Are you still stuck in the desert hood my friend ? I made it out… went back down… made it out… went back in… made it out and this is my third day out of the desert. It’s nice out here. I’m literally scared to battle now because I don’t want to go back to the badlands. :man_facepalming:t2:


Got up the nearve to fight. Lost 12 in a row putting me back in the middle of badlands. After about ten hours I’m out again. Good luck friend…