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BadRexi 10/9 Alliance Recruiting

We are looking for active players to help with alliance missions as well as do 10 takedowns in each tournament. We are very friendly, like to joke around and dont have many rules. We communicate through discord.

If you are interested message me on here or on discord. SneakyOrc#6890

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Clearly you don’t want me in your alliance :laughing:

Haha what is that? Because you’re a “Good” Rexi? Don’t worry, we turn the good ones bad.

Any daily active player is able to join! If you’re interested just let us know ! Message either me or Rakesh, or send us an alliance request :+1:t2::smile:

If you’re a daily active player, course we want ya! Send an alliance request if you want haha.

Hola krissi_liz aun siguen buscando jugadores para su alianza soy jugador activo nivel 19 trofeos 4954 maverick#2525

Translated From Spanish

Hello krissi_liz, they are still looking for players for their alliance. I am an active player level 19 trophies 4954 maverick # 2525

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

Now I’m interested in how you would turn this Rexie into a bad one. I could use some badness in the arena’s to be honest. :sweat_smile: good luck with your recruitment. You seem like a nice group. If I wasn’t part of an awesome alliance already, I would definitely apply for this one.

Hey I’m looking for a clan like yours. Ima a really active player and I would love to be in your clan. I’m a level 13 but I’m in the aviary arena

Hi I’m looking to possibly join is there still room ?

Is there still a chance to join I’m interested

We are full at the moment but always have openings pop up . Please message me, SneakyOrc#6980 on discord so we can talk in private

Please message me, SneakyOrc#6980 on discord so we can talk in private