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BadRexi is recruiting

Active and friendly alliance that requires:

-10 take downs during tournaments

-Discord is a must. (Trust me, blindly trying to do raids without a strategy or communication is a headache.)

We are allied with another alliance which means more people available for raids. If you join, just jump into a raid. Don’t be shy, aloof, or “wait” for an invite. We are all available to help, even if the raid was completed previously.

DM me or reply if here if interested.

Thank you for your time


We grow as we all eat

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I strongly recommend the Alliance. Great environment. Friendly Alliance. Very organized. Active and very helpful in Raids. Everyone will be assisted for all Raids. The Apex bosses included.


can i join your discord to help with epic raids and the indom raids?

We’re looking for members. If you’d like to join, sure.

Hi there, current alliance is good but out of time zone with everyone so raids don’t work, looking to do and help with raids as much as possible, are you still accepting??

no just as a raid helper i have my own alliance

Hey Tim
I’m interested to join u for raids…
I’m at lvl 14 …
Friendly player,plays daily on regular basis…
Has a discord…and many several others who do raids…
I’m a very hardcore player…

My problem is just communication…
They r very un-friendly and lack of communication …
That’s why I only hv hadros dna-- 45.

Kindly,do reply here…

Sorry man, not looking for helpers

To all: I’m getting several people who are just looking to raid.

The answer to this question is:


Our alliance is not looking for raid help. There are discord servers for this. They are definitely out there if you are interested.

Search for them.

I’ll not be replying to any inquiries about joining for raids.

What we are looking for are those who want to join the alliance. Everything else comes with it standard.


Sorry, I would like to join the alliance. Helping with raids is just a side thing I was willing to do. I’m looking for another alliance to join

No problem.

When you’re ready, post your game tag info here or dm me, that way I know what to look for.

JakeBrake96 #5392

BadRexi is recruiting

This is what we’re looking for:

-ACTIVE PLAYERS (no, this isn’t a job. Its a game. However, we’re not looking for “casual” players in the sense that i’ll pop up every once in awhile, make a scene and roll out until next time)

We normally reach 8/10 weekly incubators

-Discord is a must. (You want successful raids? Great, we do too. Discord is needed for successful raid coordination)

We are partnered with another alliance (The Alloraptors) so there will be plenty of time zones, shifts and members for you to be able to participate.

10 Take downs during tournaments is required- (Last tournament, we scored the 400 unique DNA for Monorhino.)

Normally reach at least tier 8 every championship

-Able to follow directions! We are currently in a sanctuary Co-op and share 3 level 20 sanctuaries. In order to keep things running smoothly for the player and the benefit of the alliance as a whole, we expect that there won’t be any rogue players randomly placing dinos into open spots. These players will be removed. A voting system is in place regarding what dinos are placed.

If any of this appeals to you, let myself know here or on my discord profile H3RO#7667image0