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Bae’s hunt for the elusive

So i am missing a few dinos, and some others I have copies of but need unlocks.

This is a thread to document my progress of the remaining dinos I need unlocked, and others I just want to own a copy of.

Dinos I do not nor ever had a copy of:

  • Sinocerotops (missed the tournament due to holiday plans)
    • tournament on 11/23/2020
  • Plesiosuchus (old phone died before tournament)
    • tournament on 4/20/2020
  • Dracorex (birthday weekend and missed tournament)
    • tournament on 3/2/2020
    • lost CoT vote in Feb 2021

Dinos I just need unlocked, but have copies of:

  • Eryops (hasn’t been available in a long time)
    • last tournament on 10/14/2019
    • lost CoT vote on Aug/Sep 2020
  • Einiosaurus (I have a level 40 just off the Raffles, but no unlock)
    • last tournament on 11/11/2019
    • lost CoT vote on June 2020
  • Patchyrhinosaurys (I got 9 from the Raffle, and used my lvl 40 to unlock Patchygalo, but still have her locked)
    • last tournament on 2/17/2020
    • lost CoT vote on June/July 2020
  • Gastornis (got quite a lot if copies thru the Raffle, but never took park in an unlock event)
    • last tournament on 1/20/2020
    • hasn’t been a CoT choice

Overall my best chances are through the raffle. The Gold Fidelity Rewards tier now offer an equal 2% chance each for Dracorex and Plesiosuchus to just own a single copy of them.

From time to time they show up in the VIP raffle tickets, but no luck thus far.

The Gold Fidelity Rewards still yield Einio, Patchy, Gast, Eryops. I am currently short on Patchy and Eryops, so more are always welcome.

Sino still needs TBD, with only a sliver of hope from the VIP raffle.

So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


You didn’t say you miss the Juggernaut!
Not interested, are you?

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I am, but I currently have 1600 BDNA to go before I unlock her. Thus I have a projected ETA of when I will unlock her, whereas these dinos come and go, and are harder to get because of such small window which hs random at times.

I would already have my Juggy if I didn’t invest a few thousand BDNA into Omega, or even if I could just sell him. He’s ridiculously imbalanced.


At what level do you have the Omega?

Lvl 15.

1800 attack and 1400 HP. Why in the heck would I need a dino so fragile with such high attack for a battle based off of endurance???

Plus with Juggy I can last longer, get better rewards, or even abandon her even until Salamander or Valkrye, IIRC them being the bosses released after those first 2.


I advise you to invest in Omega up to level 31 and then leave it and go to the Juggernaut!
I say level 31 because:
1-On the 31st he is strong enough to win an event until the end!
2-Get the re-wins for the level 1,11,21,31!
3-Get re-awards in the Glossary of creatures!

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Yes, but he seems to be an empty pit of investing…

By that I mean it would take a lot of BDNA to get him to that level, whereas Juggy will be severely less of an investment due to her tanky nature.

Plus to top this all off, I hate the playable bosses. I hate the battles. I hate the stats. I hate the Prize Wheel Rewards. I just enjoy the new paddock designs. I only play the events to gain more SDNA, which I either add more Indos or farm and sell the other S-Hybrids for boatloads of DNA.

Legit I only shoot for the lowest reward tier because i want OUT of those battles because of the waste if time that they are to me.


I don’t like these things either, but I try to take advantage of them!
At level 31 Omega gives you 4,000,000 food, 2000 LB and 200DB!
You will not need these resources but they are only at level 44 and these resources are useful!

Yeah, but at the sane time my only value is the SDNA. Not the food nor coins that have a combined total of 40% chance of getting. I easily rake in 70-100 mil coins a day, and both my food productions are maxed out. Thus the rewards just aren’t appealing.

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Yes, because you are high level, for a level 44 like me (who as a good fool at only 48 DB) these resources are precious!

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Besides sino it looks like we need the same so :crossed_fingers:


Compared to you, I wonder why I have thousands of DB when I rarely use them🤔


No luck today with the Gold Fidelity :pleading_face:


No luck? I’ll take that guy all day. He’s the highest ferocity tournament Surface creature. I need two more to make a level 40.

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This is too cool

everything … everything … everything … its DINO !!! :scream:

So using the visitor center, I managed to buy a copy of each Plesiosuchus, Dracorex, and Sinoceratops.

Still have them locked, but now I at least own every dino in the game.

60,000 dbux not well spent, but its OK ill grind it back :smile_cat: