💸 Bae’s lineup goal for 2022

From my previous goal thread:

I’m making an army of L30 Glynthoraxes. Why? Because my full Indo paddocks are proof that I need more carnivores.

It will take at least 2.5 mil DNA, which is the same ballpark as my Ostapobaby army cost. This time I’ll try and utilize the weekly discounts, which I never did for my Ostapobaby army:

So that’s a good estimate on how long it will take me.

Honestly, the best case scenerio is all of Isla Sorna gets unlocked in an update sometime this year, so I can finally get 8 of each Indo to L40 for the beacon completion (and complete any subsequent lvl 11+ Indo story missions) and sell them to fund my Glynthorax army.

Only break I would take is if I need to evolve/hatch any new decent Amphib Tourney Hybrids.

Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:


May I ask why glythronax?

  • best looking L30 carnivore in the game
  • best looking cenozoic hybrid in the game
  • cheapest tourney hybrid

All of which Glynthorax is not. But what is Glynthorax is an overpriced carnivore with horrible stats, which makes it the perfect investment of my DNA.



Someone seems trying to find a meaning in life. :joy:


Not sure if you want it but you can spam purchase these with db? Idk if its good



8500 bucks worthy of one Glyth ? For me maybe I’ll take it but spam buying ?

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If u want cheap then it’s cerazino

It was a joke.

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Can’t, because there is only “1 left” basically as a measure to prevent spam buying.

I won’t get the offer, because I am still grinding back the 8.5k DB I spend on the Armormata, which was more pressing because I had no desire to spend the 83,160 DNA on another copy of her to get her to L20 (I did for Draco however)

I have enough DNA to buy 2 Glynthorax copies, but I missed the Thursday Discount to obtain a copy so I’m just going to buy 1 for the hatchery this week. I am also trying to save DNA for new any new Amphibs/hybrids because of how pressed my lineup is outside of my Ostapobabies and L40 VIPs. I want to try and keep above 80,000 for this reason.

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10 glythronax

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IT has started:

This will get me to 1 lvl 30 and a lvl 20 (I already have a lvl 20 and lvl 10). I am going to use my normal hatchery to hatch them just because I am looking at 1 copy every week/2weeks, and don’t want to wait for my instant hatchery to roll around (every Friday Night) because I also have a side goal to get every tournament dino unlocked and at L40, with un-hybridized dinos getting 2 copies for if/when they get hybrids.

I am trying to refrain from buying copies of tourney dinos that I don’t already have, because I had a bad habit of just trading away the ones I need, I also plan on utilizing every 20% discount every Thursday.

So far a good start :wink: