Bageherpeton (Bagpipe) Evos n Stats

So I’m legit insane, the tournament ended 5 minutes ago and I already got my Bagpipe to L40.




Was it worth it? No. Reason why? Im desperate for the one-I-shall-not-mention-but-everyone-knows. Will I do this again for the next new dino to be released?

The power of personality disorders m8


@Keith I think Bagpipe’s L20 and L30 textures are reversed, pls look into it master.


Looks like it’s a nickname fest for poor old Bagpipe… Bagheera… Baggage, erm- I mean Bageherpeton. :rofl:

Fourth evo looks neat.


Not really a fan of her colors, Deino-Dino still hold my spot as sexiest Tourney Amphib.

Edit: its actually a tie with Acanthostega.


Yeah those are kinda dull ngl.



At least she beats out Eryops who has those… mustache warts…


I actually started calling this thing “Bagel”.

Yes folks, this thing was randomly named after a food :bagel:


The team is taking a look into it


They actually look the exact same to me.
Edit: I’m talking about L10 and L30 textures. I can’t really see a difference between those two.


i like those level 20 stats


For real? You copied exactly what I post for new creatures… Even the format of the post


Um, it’s the same formula as when I did Carbonemys a few months back:

Didn’t copy you then, didn’t copy you now. I just beat you too it. :woman_shrugging:

The only real reason I did it was because my Instant Hatches and Fusion Labs came off CD, so I figured I’d just speed hatch 3 of them there, and throw the 1,600 x5 DB needed for the other 5.

Normally I get every newly released tournament dino to L40 in case they get a Hybrid, I just don’t rush to get their stats posted so it takes me a good 2-3 weeks, unlike this one where I just rushed it.

Example: just got Mylodon to L40.


Maybe the L30 skin isn’t working, so it’s just using the L10 skin.

I only suggested the L30 was flipped with L20 because L20 had more color, and so it breaks the progression of colors/designs.

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They NEED to add this boss next update. I don’t care if it was just added, I just want it for myself

Again, the issue that I have with this post is that it’s using the same format that I have been using for many years to share new creature evolutions and stats.

I will say that I greatly enjoy posting new creature evolutions/stats as a service to this community, which is why I politely tried to make this known to you.

Seeing somebody else post these evolutions/stats the same way that I do was honestly a little disheartening… Especially as I was already spending the time and effort making this post to share these stats and evolutions for this creature when I saw this. Not so much that you beat me to it, but mostly that you used my idea and format.

I was hoping you’d at least acknowledge that you’d borrowed my format when I brought this up. But if nothing else I thank you for your consideration of this post. Good day to you and hope all is well. :pray:

And here are some of my new creature evolutions/stats posts from over the years ago as evidence:


I don’t know if she copied your format or not but if she did it is just a format. If it’s a good format then I don’t see the issue with her using it. I can however see why you might be aggravated or mad if she did use your format and is lying about it. If she did use your format I think she should give you some credit but if she says she didn’t there really isn’t anything you can do about it, so there really isn’t any point in getting heated over it or arguing.

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Yeah, I mean at least some credit would have done nice— especially when I brought it up.

I will tell you that sharing new creature evolutions and stats has been my main purpose for posting here for many years. I normally just browse here, but I really enjoy sharing these stats with the community. It’s a way that I can do something nice for others as a late game player. And nobody else has tried to copy this before.

Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts. I wasn’t trying to make it a bigger deal than it is. :man_shrugging:

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The model is definately… insteresting

It looks less rough then sarco for example

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Not to be rude or to interject here, but I don’t think OstaposaurusBae really copied your format…

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Whoa! How many words written just because someone posted a picture of a dino…
And mentioning trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property… it sounded like a good joke, but it seems you were dead serious?!? :astonished:
It is only a game - and someone just posted a picture in a GAME FORUM - that’s it! It’s not like she called you names or insulted you… Being so upset about such silly reason is just not worth it.