Bageherpeton (Bagpipe) Evos n Stats

i like those level 20 stats


For real? You copied exactly what I post for new creatures… Even the format of the post


Um, it’s the same formula as when I did Carbonemys a few months back:

Didn’t copy you then, didn’t copy you now. I just beat you too it. :woman_shrugging:

The only real reason I did it was because my Instant Hatches and Fusion Labs came off CD, so I figured I’d just speed hatch 3 of them there, and throw the 1,600 x5 DB needed for the other 5.

Normally I get every newly released tournament dino to L40 in case they get a Hybrid, I just don’t rush to get their stats posted so it takes me a good 2-3 weeks, unlike this one where I just rushed it.

Example: just got Mylodon to L40.


Maybe the L30 skin isn’t working, so it’s just using the L10 skin.

I only suggested the L30 was flipped with L20 because L20 had more color, and so it breaks the progression of colors/designs.

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They NEED to add this boss next update. I don’t care if it was just added, I just want it for myself

Again, the issue that I have with this post is that it’s using the same format that I have been using for many years to share new creature evolutions and stats.

I will say that I greatly enjoy posting new creature evolutions/stats as a service to this community, which is why I politely tried to make this known to you.

Seeing somebody else post these evolutions/stats the same way that I do was honestly a little disheartening… Especially as I was already spending the time and effort making this post to share these stats and evolutions for this creature when I saw this. Not so much that you beat me to it, but mostly that you used my idea and format.

I was hoping you’d at least acknowledge that you’d borrowed my format when I brought this up. But if nothing else I thank you for your consideration of this post. Good day to you and hope all is well. :pray:

And here are some of my new creature evolutions/stats posts from over the years ago as evidence:


I don’t know if she copied your format or not but if she did it is just a format. If it’s a good format then I don’t see the issue with her using it. I can however see why you might be aggravated or mad if she did use your format and is lying about it. If she did use your format I think she should give you some credit but if she says she didn’t there really isn’t anything you can do about it, so there really isn’t any point in getting heated over it or arguing.

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Yeah, I mean at least some credit would have done nice— especially when I brought it up.

I will tell you that sharing new creature evolutions and stats has been my main purpose for posting here for many years. I normally just browse here, but I really enjoy sharing these stats with the community. It’s a way that I can do something nice for others as a late game player. And nobody else has tried to copy this before.

Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts. I wasn’t trying to make it a bigger deal than it is. :man_shrugging:

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The model is definately… insteresting

It looks less rough then sarco for example

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Not to be rude or to interject here, but I don’t think OstaposaurusBae really copied your format…

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Whoa! How many words written just because someone posted a picture of a dino…
And mentioning trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property… it sounded like a good joke, but it seems you were dead serious?!? :astonished:
It is only a game - and someone just posted a picture in a GAME FORUM - that’s it! It’s not like she called you names or insulted you… Being so upset about such silly reason is just not worth it.


Why is this even a thing?

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Hun, I get your frustration. I really do. But I don’t see people jumping down each other’s throats when weekly schedules get posted, and have the similar format they do (mostly for record keeping, but still).

In my mind, I know you as the almanac who posts the evos/stats but by no means are you first every time nor the only one who posts these threads, so it’s pretty hyperbolic that you think you started this trend or that me not crediting you is somehow me deliberately copying you. Mind you, technically Sionsith and Mary_Jo started this trend, with this being the earliest stats/evos I could trace back (it being 2019) at 5am:

You didn’t have a problem in either of the Igaunosuchus threads that popped up before yours.

Andy who was first to the scene, but did not directly list all evos: Feb 5th

Sionsith who provided a detailed spreadsheet of stats and ‘copied’ your photo mode pic: Feb 20th

Neither threads did you accuse them of copying you

Carbonemys thread that I made providing the evos and L10/20 stats which I made 2 days before you:

Still no mention of me copying you.

Chromaspinus evos I posted, a whole month ahead of you:

So why is this a problem now? If I truly was copying you, wouldn’t I also just add the photo-mode pics like you do in most of your threads? Or rush to get L40s? This time I did rush, but it was not to copy you and it’s one of the only times I add stats/evos up to L40, which I lacked in previous threads I made.

The root of the issue is this:

This has never been an issue before now. Not with my past threads not with any other forum users.

You accused me in a very hostile and confronting manner.


This was not my intention. I didn’t say anything remotely “hostile,” but I can understand you felt confronted. Apologies if it was received the wrong way— I was just telling you where I’m coming from.

I wish this wasn’t a race. I have to wonder sort of race is this to you? Just a race to get likes or something? Why else do you want to beat me to the punch just to be first with this now?

This one didn’t include the stats for levels 30/40, so I went ahead and posted mine to share the complete stats for Carbonemys.

Yes and I have been helping to fill in this spreadsheet since it was created. The spreadsheet isn’t a visual depiction of the creatures’ evolution and stats so it’s not the same thing.



This being the only exception of me ‘rushing’, which I wasnt, I had the instant hatchery and creation lab off CD, so I was already halfway to a L40. I just spent more resources to get her all the way to L40.

Completely besides the point. I talked about how me “copying you” was never an issue until this thread…


I’d like to just give a small reminder that this thread will be de-railed if this argument goes on…I suggest taking it to Vent Your Frustration


I think this is being turned into much more than what it was and this discussion is becoming increasingly off-topic.

The example referenced was being taken out of context, but I stand by what I said. The purpose of editing that particular post was simply to make the post more concise and less wordy. Basically that post says the same thing, just in fewer words.

Out of respect for the OP, if you have anything else to say about this, feel free to PM me or as @SmilodonTroodon suggested, you can also take it to the “Vent Your Frustration,” thread.

By the way, on topic- I like this creature… It’s nice that it wasn’t another carnivore this time around.

Hope everybody has a good day.


Hey folks, just a reminder to please keep it respectful to everyone and to stay on topic. Let’s continue to discuss our thoughts on Bageherpeton :crocodile:


Bageherpeton everytime someone nicknames it be like:



Oh cool, another amphibian that Ludia will probably completely ignore for hybridization as they churn out anything but a new amphibian hybrid.

Reminder: It has been 1,931 days since Gorgosuchus has been added to the game. It has been the strongest amphibian that entire time, and it was the strongest creature in the game at the time of its release but has since dropped to 15th strongest as the game has progressed. The strongest carnivore is #1, the strongest herbivore is #4, and the strongest pterosaur is #6, and they are all at minimum 33% stronger than Gorgosuchus.

There are 7 carnivores in the top 10, two of which were added to the game in the last year. There are 2 herbivores in the top 10, one of which was added in the last year. There is 1 pterosaur in the top 10, with zero having been added in the last year. There aren’t any amphibians in the top 10 and haven’t been any since Armormata edged Gorgosuchus out of the top 10 on November 16th, 2020. It’s been well over a year since there’s been a single amphibian in the top 10, with multiple creatures being released since then that have pushed Gorgosuchus further down on the totem pole.

Idk why Ludia has decided to neglect the amphibian class this much but it’s been getting worse and worse the longer they fail to add a new top tier amphibian.