Bageherpeton missing digits

Not anything that serious but the bageherpeton has a missing toe and a missing finger on both of its limbs, not sure why considering it has nothing to do with the rig because deinosuchus has the correct amount of fingers and uses the same animations. It just kinda bugs me, I mean they haven’t found definitive evidence of bageherpeton limbs because the only fossils of the bageherpeton are of a partial lower jaw and it only has one species ascribed to its genus, bageherpeton longignathus, but still, most other archegosaurids have five digits on the back and four digits in the front, and it seems kind of weird that they just happened to subtract one digit from each limb. They got the prionosuchus, another archegosaurid, digit numbers correct, so it just seems weird that they couldn’t do the same with bageherpeton.