Bageherpeton Tournament 5/27/2022-5/28/2022 (COMMON)

Actually, I disagree. Each tournament is it’s own thing. For future reference, I would strongly prefer each tournament to have it’s own distinct thread.

So, when VIP tournaments were a new thing, they were single day tournaments. The first several required 100-130 trophies, while the last two required 400-450 trophies


Only commons can be used on the tournament, awesome.

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Where is that announced?

@Sionsith , do you have any data on 1-day tourneys?

@Andy_wan_kenobi Ok. Easily fixed. Each tournament is its own beast.

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Plotosaurus 2019

Wuerhosaurus 2019

Acrocanthosaurus 2019

Metoposaurus 2019

There were two additional one-day VIP tournaments: Giant Orthocone (2019) and Acrocanthosaurus (2018). Unfortunately, the forum did not track these tournaments and no one posted any sort of analytics to the best of my knowledge.


This morning on social media


A common-only torunament… this was my dream around 6 years ago, when I first started playing the game. Can’t wait to see how this one and the others go. As far as we know, the other one will most likely have the same rule for other rarities.


The poster says that each tournament will be played with different rarities. Probably Bageherpeton tournaments are going to be common and super rare, and Edaphosaurus are going to have rare and legendary tournament.


Amphibians beware…

I am ready and waiting:


I’m ok as long as hybrids are good to go :grin:
Now make it no hybrids to see how everyone’s common lineup really is, lol.


It will be interesting to see how the ferocity scales are set up for this tournament for the different leagues.

Wonder if standard lvl 40 commons will cut it or if you will have to use hybrids.


Please no hybrids…Otherwise im unimaginably screwed lol

i think that hybrids and super hybrids are legit. if so, then this tournament will be the hardest one ive ever fought so far.

In Rare only tournaments, low and mid-level hybrids worked great. Only the best non-hybrids would work. I would assume this will be the case here as well.

We had a Common and Rare only tournament, but it was MODed, so that’s not a fair comparison


I was wondering about that as well. I hope Dominator is not only lvl40 pelecacthyluses

Like @Sionsith , I am very excited to test my common lineup.


The moment you wished you had grinded more tupandactylus DNA after making your first pelecachtylus… Well well, at least I already have the unlock, so I don’t need to cry my bitter tears in case high level pelecachtylus are needed in dom.


You’re lucky yo have pelycantylus, i don even have pelecanipteryx

I can see this weekend being very time-consuming. I think I might just do a SDNA run on each tournament, and see how I can manage time after that.