Bageherpeton Tournament 5/29/2022-5/30/2022 (SUPER RARE)

I haven’t seen an official announcement on Twitter yet, but based on information, we are back again for another ONE day tournament, with Bagey! (Please forgive me if I’m wrong). So, here is our new thread, dealing with super rare creatures.

One copy of the creature (NO UNLOCK)



The tournament is commons for me. I dont know why

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Yes, it is confusing. Friday/Saturday - Common. Sunday/Monday - Super Rare. Same creature up for grabs.

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Oh so it isn’t like the march matches thing?

Haha, I love my luck. It’s the tournament for the component that I already have. The other one for the hybid is of course lacking. I’ve waited quite long for that moment, for that release. Now I’m lacking a silly carnivore that I’ve gladly skipped as I would earn another unnecessary biter with mediocre stats.

Guess what? It turns out to be needed. Bummer.

Çağkan sad.

Actually, this would fit right into the VYF thread. I should be sharing this there. Hmm, I think this kind of a frustration deserves a twin post. Don’t you think?


I think I’m not gonna win this one, good gravy.

I think it’s gonna be common rarity on friday, rare rarity on saturday, superrare rarity on sunday, and legendary rarity on monday.

My tournament is not showing yet. I’ve closed and opened it a few times. I guess it should be okay soon?

UPDATE: All good now!

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I have the same problem.

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Wait its an unlock tournament

Just got to dominator league, should 300 cups be enough to safely be in it?

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No, 400+ with 500 I think You are safe

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Alright, just worried im gonna fall below dominator while waiting for my creatures to finish their timers

Ohhhh I think You are safe for that

Yeah i dont want to stay at the top, just mostly near the 60s and 70s

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Reached top dom without using a single s-hybrid
Started with 3 L1s, next fight 3 L10s etc
At dom spinoraptor L30 as main can make it easy
Good luck everyone!


Ok, found this one a bit unpredictable in terms of what to use. First fight was not what I expected

Almost won, but didn 't quite finish off the Tropegopterus in time.

Try again. Results under each pic

OK, up and running. Hatchling to Survivor 86, 20 cups,

Survivor 86 to 14, 24 cups

Survivor 14 to Hunter 51, 32 cups

Hunter 51 to Predator 100, 29 cups

Predator 100 to 63, 33 cups

Predator 63 to 33, 30 cups,

Predator 33 to Predator 5, 35 cups

Predator 5 to Dominator 90, 29 cups

Then hooray for Spinotasuchus

And Tropegopterus turned out to be a lot more useful than I expected

Currently at 391, probably safe judging by the last two but will do a bit more tomorrow after cool-down, and the baseline is at 215


Done. I’ll check if I’m safe tomorrow morning

Got some great prizes