Bagehesaurus buff

Bagehesaurus as we know is newest and most powerful amphibian in the game, but it’s weak compared to other tournament hybrids.
Example pachygalosaurus:


Although Pachygalosaurus components are weaker than baghesaurus’, the carnivore hybrid is stronger.
Even if we apply math it’s still curious why baghesaurus is weak compared to other tournament hybrids. What I mean:
Pachygalosaurus ferocity: 24839
Pachy: 5173
Megalo: 5480
Which means that additional multiplier to ferocity in this case is 2,33
Bagherpeton: 5652
Edaphosaurus: 5612
Bagehesaurus: 20621
So in this case ferocity multiplier is 1,83( one of the worst)
If we apply pachygalo’s multiplier to bagehesaurus we would get absolute monster:
If we’re gonna keep hp to attack ratio our new bagehesaurus would have:
8527hp (a little bit less than zalmonodon)
5537atk (best in the game)
It’s just what if scenario

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Because the hybrid stats aren’t dictated by both it’s components stats

Anywho, I like it’s stats relatively speaking. I do wish for a slight buff to either make L20 sit above VIP ferocities, or a little nerf so L21 doesn’t overtake my Ostapobabies by like 500 ferocity.

Also with it at L20 having roughly the same attack as Ostapo at L40, I guess this is another win for Ostapo since it has 2k more health but similar attack?


I think bagesaurus should be more thanky considering it’s both components have high health

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New HP: 11340

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Then again it’s supposed to be glass cannon so, but still it should have a buff.


Speaking of the Bagehesaurus, has either this or the Iguanosuchus been updated on the Dino Data Spreadsheet?

I was wondering whether to tackle the Armomata first or the Iguanosuchus, but couldn’t find the Iguanosuchus in the Spreadsheet (I settled for the Armomata, after checking the Iguanosuchus stats elsewhere on this forum).