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Bait and Switch Speed Ups

Has anyone else fallen prey to the bait and switch ad speedups? I try to take advantage of all of the ad speedups in both the Hatchery and Creation Lab, and recently, I have accidently spent bucks when trying to click on the ad button when that button disappears. I am not sure why Ludia does this (other than the obvious reason of actually trying to get us to mis-click), because there are still cases when I click on the ad button and no ads are available. So why switch the ad button out?

Anyway, I’m trying to be more careful when I click, but just wanted to see if I was the only one.


No no I did it too.


I did it once I think, barely remember from very long ago. It is a thing, literally. I assume the software tends to give the ads in a generic order, but some days when there are not enough ads system leaves gaps between the ads, sometimes it takes hours to show another ad but in some cases it is the way it is that you mention. It leaves so small gaps like seconds or so. STILL I sense a great deal of intention of them built up those that way. C’ause it should be so easy for them to fix it into a much more stable one like when the ads run out, you will no longer see any FREE speed up button right after without any delay. Strangely sometimes it warns you as there is no ad available but I observed that those happen only when there are still ads but not much for the day. 'Cause after a few mins or hours it gives ad while the button is still there.

I was awared of this situation for a loooong while, and have been giving extreme care not to get trapped by those click baits. Tbh my approach on this can be easily generalised among the whole game, since JW:TG is like a mine field when it comes to one click destroys everything stuff. TH, market, “one-time” offers, speed ups… They insistently don’t add that feature the system asks “Are you sure?” which should be again so basic, so until then (won’t think it is ever gonna be) we need to be playing the game with full concentration. An exhausting day after, sleepiness, giving care to someone or something else at the same time playing it (feeding a baby, watching tv, being in a conversation and so on, examples are numerous 'cause we are human beings :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) are the biggest dangers that push you into the arms of “bye-bye sources”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m pretty sure what is happening is the game is checking if more ads are available. While it is checking, the speed up disappears.

Yes, I’ve fallen for this too.

I’ve noticed that if I try to speed up a second ad too fast, I get no ad content. So, I actually wait for it to disappear and come back now and it seems to do it in between all of the 4 ads we get.


A couple years ago there was no ad speed ups and it was just instant bucks. So if you accidently clicked on it while scrolling you spent bucks.

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It is the worst when you put these all together. I give extreme attention not to do that during the tournaments, sometimes game seems to lag/slow down, due the server occupation I think, when I try to look for my unused dinos, I always feel anxious about clicking on one of the long cooldown dinos. Generally I have ad option as a relief but I have come across to the only bucks for speed up scenario several times, and those are the thoughest. It is a miracle that I haven’t done a single one yet. Because one wrong tapping causes you at least 100 bucks you know. But from now on, I think I am safe as getting the recovery VIP building as the game always asks me of which cool down method I would prefer even if I accidentally click on one. I will give it a full try at the weekend.

I accidently did an expansion with bucks while lessing decorations. :sob:


Woww, yeah I forgot that. That is an other danger. I face that situation ridiculously high numerous of times. Expansions are in the top 5 or so ingame dangers list for wasting resources. :slight_smile:

Yep 200 bucks gone

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This happened to me when I was 1 or 2 john hammonds away from the next level

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Same exact

This morning when I open the app, this popped up right away and turned me from a sleepyhead into a math genius in a blink of an eye:

Yeah yeah, “special”. A special way of accidentally wasting bucks. You know what I’m saying? :unamused:

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Imagine you give a TRex 3 freaking k bucks, to a creature which is one of the most generic ones, almost popping up off everything for free. Even the free VIP trial gives you a copy. Ludia’s ingame market costs is a whole different story, so I don’t even wanna open up that topic. :expressionless: