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Baiting people into giving you a free Bary/Irrator buff


Okay baiting people into switch or using any non damaging moves so you can buff up your irrator or baryonx is so satisfying, because then you get to throw out the insane damage of a +50% attack 2x attack rampage plus a 50% critical chance and practically one shot half their team


It’s even better with Tryostronix: Ferocious Strike (+50% attack) + Ready to Crush (+50% attack) + Defence Shattering Rampage (x2 attack) + 50% Crit Chance = One dead dino + Raging opponent. Now that’s satisfying.

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It’s even even better when he’s lvl 30! :wink:


I don’t use Tryos on my team, but I put it in for that 3x 30 stegosaurid tower. I brought it out second, used RTC to avoid a counter, FS to take out the dino, and then my DSR one-shot the miragaia. It was beautiful.


This is less satisfying… nearly took my Thors head off