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Baja Blast

I want to use Bajatonodon after the boost reset. My dream team is pretty swap oriented so I feel like he’d be a good choice. And I think baja blast also can work around indo g2 pretty well. The major issue for this guy I think is thor and tryko as well as stuff like magna. All 3 of these are extremely common where I am in the arena. So I need some help.
Do I use him or not?

I can tell you first hand Baja isn’t going to fair well against Indo2. No matter what, you end up slowing IG2 on turn1 (either SV or Bellow), they just MF on turn2 (while you still can’t devastate) and you’re dead on turn3. I’ve run Baja in most the skill tourneys and I can tell you that while she’s good against a surprising number of creatures, IG2 isn’t one of them. Even if you swap out on turn 3, something is about to get hit with a MF rampage.


I think bellow, sv and then depending on what they’ve got devastation or sv again is the best way to do things

The problem is most Indos probably won’t go MF on turn two and mostly likely go CS to make sure they don’t die, then they go for MF and finally kill you

This. 1010

Bajadatodon is pretty bad and doesn’t deal with indo too well. Might I suggest spinoconstrictor if possible. Another good legendary swapper is monostegotops. If Indo gen 2 is an issue, go with phorasaura. Instant rampage helps with a sped up indo and it also does well against magna and can avoid a stalling tryko.


With the reset coming, I dumped all my extra health into SpinoC and that thing is a ton of fun against Indo2, Dio, Tryko, etc. Can’t say it holds it’s own with any immune or whathaveyou, I’m just glad for the opportunity to try it out.

Lol I already use monostego and pho

Never have I once heard someone call Baja that. You are a pure genius


Try to find something else. Bajatodon is really bad

I think that bajatonodon is good in the medium arenas, like sorna marshes and jurassic ruins, but it’s pretty bad in the upper arenas, like lockwood library, gyrosphere depot and nublar shores

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Yeah I think so. I will not be using it despite its cool design

That’s the nickname I use to help these gringos properly pronounce the J in its name like an H. Bc Spanish

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Bajatonodon needs nullifying Impact instead of bellow, and swap in Stun, and then it’s good.

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