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Baja Park

Baja park right at my house. Always lots there but had to post this one. Saw two there so started heading to park and two more popped up…


That’s what the park I hunt at looks like. That’s why this is a thing…


So jealous. None of the parks near me do this.


Yeah I’m lucky if I see one a week

Ok my post got flagged. So I must keep it G rated. But I digress, you are lucky to have that many. I would have a better chance at playing the lottery than have that much activity.


Ya lucky leprechaun u

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You’ll get baja at parks with rare scents at night. Even common scents sometimes. Usually about 4 a rare scent.

Have you used her yet in battle? I’m working on it now and hoping it’s worth all the work and money being put into the thing.

parks are really small and not easily accessible at night during the work week. I’ll at least try them on weekends.

Wow. I wish I lived by a park. Ours is a few miles away and it isn’t considered a park :-/

Tonight I drove 20 miles or so to the next closest park. I used my rare scent and I got 3 I believe.

Very limited, and not so successful - but I think that’s more my not knowing how to use it than anything else.

I’m moving in with you all.

Wow! I was starting to think the parks around me were good. This puts mine to shame! Lol :sweat_smile:

Bajadasaurus hunting has actually been pretty good for me. Almost everytime I go hunt, I find a Bajadasaurus right next to another. They must be very social creatures. :wink:

I live in a park and I’ve only seen 3 Bajas here since the patch was released, all of them with scents. And I’ve never seen a Baja at any of the other parks I’ve passed by either.