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Clearly it is a silent ‘j’ and is pronounced badass-aurus.

That’s all I wanted to say

That’s how I have been trying to call it, but it wouldn’t get through in game chat filters!
Censorship, booooooo

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baha da saurus

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Anyone seen one in the wild yet!?

Yes, but she was over 900 meters away :sweat_smile:

Noooooo. Edmontoguanadon is one of my favs and I super want the hybrid now!! Prob gunna take awhile haha.

I found 4 in 5 minutes at a local park. I’ve found 1 mammoth, no Rhino yet

They are everywhere here, must have seen 15-20 but then again I’m next to a park

Spent 40 minutes in a park and saw 0. Is it a certain time of spawn?