Bajatonadon-always lets me down

I want to love this dinosaur so much, but it never lives long enough to get to it’s vulnerable devastation. The swap in regen feels pointless as it always absorbs one, if not two hits due to being slow. Is anyone having success with him? Is there a stat I should boost? On paper he looks like a beast, but in reality he almost always costs me the battle!


I figured that that’s how it would be. You have to spam Superior Vulnerability to wait for your Delay on Devastation to wear off, but you end up dying before you do. It can maybe work against something that doesn’t do too much damage, but what doesn’t now adays? They honestly should replace Bellow and give it Nullifying Impact or something. That way it can do some decent damage while waiting


Baja can work in the right team. But devastation doesn’t work due to the fact that it is has no armor to help it and by the time it is ready, baja needs to heal and run.


For dinos that aren’t chompy/ immune, bellow first, then SV can let the timer run down on devestation.
Although, imo, devastation doesn’t fit this creature as it doesn’t have the stats to survive until it can use it in most situations.


You would want to setup this creature, setup, SV, then Devastation. RAR.


The best use I can think of for it right now is inflicting Vulnerability to setup something else, like Phorusaura or even SI-Savagery. Unfortunately, rending moves like SI-Savagery were bugged to not get the Vulnerability bonus last time I checked.

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Me: works Baja to be more like Eddie able to handle fast speedster and dodgers without bellow and devastation

People: no it needs it that what makes it good

Also people: it’s doesn’t work well can’t survive two turns to use devastation and the kit doesn’t fit it


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Lol at least this has been my experience witn trying to re work Eddie jr

Lol although anything with armor and shield just makes it useless, take nodotitan, 40% armor and long protection make devastation cry it’s self to sleep as it does on what 900 first turn, 675 second, 1,350 per devestaion plus vulnerability

Never use the swap in heal except as a last resort or to save another dino. Don’t rely on it. And as for getting to vulnerable devastation, you need to set up on a dino and revenge kill with sv. That way, you can sv+devastation combo the next thing that comes out. Pretty useless against immunes though

I found pretty useless against almost every thing the tournament, it just doesn’t do enough for the first two turns to unlock the SV+ Devastation Combo. Only came across one… indo just Cs+ mutual furied all the way. And what it is supposed to be good against lol

Phorusaura doesn’t work with Baja even if your stun lands, Vulnerability wears off after 1 turn. so you get no bonus damage.

I didn’t mean swap Phora in, I just meant Baja could use SV before going down, to help a revenge-kill.

I have been running it on and off since I got it to level 27 and it has so many problems with it’s kit design I was going to write support with suggestions but felt it was a waste of time. I really wanted to love Baja and run it. The arena is dying for variety. Boosts have forced everyone to stick with what they have and chance only the top dinos for fear of wasting boosts. So sad.

Baja suffers so many immune dinos right now without Vulnerability its first 2 turns of damage are laughable. Cloak, Shields, Armor all mitigate it’s damage so even if you manage to get to Devastation Instant Invincibility, Swap in stun, Swap in distract all spoil the party. Even just swapping in a high armor dino is good enough, You swap in a fresh Tryko or Dio since Vulnerability is not applied with take the 3x damage down to a Impact and some change.

Also, You can’t even swap it in to tank a hit or you get screwed. Even if it is full HP, if you swap it in and it does the Regen for 0.0HP it still counts as a swap in move even though it did noting you are still bound for 2 turns.

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Ya that basically what wrong with Baja, yet it still in mid apex?

I really wanted this one too. Has a cool design, made out of Edmontoguanodon, a hybrid that I thought they would forget about. Then they saddled it with a kit that is pretty meh.

That’s why you have to revenge kill setup with it. You can’t go in on something you can’t kill with an sv

maybe you shoud get lvl 30 and boost health to lvl20 - your decision - (maybe waste hundres of dollars to) boost into health and try - or not and put it into trash right now.

if you try it - please let us know xD

i think bajada is much to uncommon to be part of the meta right now. i see like 20-40 bajadas a day in a lvl4 area…so…

but it might be a good “pure” dino for some tounaments where only commons and rares are allowed, who knows

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I needs armor or something else to help it survive long enough to get to devastation.

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Lol or maybe not try to copy the turtle and be it’s own thing could work