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Bajatondon or Edmontoguandon better for raid healer?

Our alliance is starting to try level 19 bosses…

So i am wondering is it worth investing in Bajatondon for level 19 + raid heal?

Or shall i keep levelling Edmontoguandon for raids?

Baja is probably better than edmonto because of the shield (although Paramoloch is arguably better) but for higher raids Tuoramoloch is generally preferred healer

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Get paramoloch then get toura like @th3bub14 suggested if u need a 4th for a lvl 25 or 30 raid u can shoot me an invite I’ve got stuff like toura lvl 25 boosted and thor over 6100 hp IronCaptain 2540

go for paramoloch cuz it has a tuora hybrid which will also allow u to move on to unique and apex raids.