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So I asked some people and along with the results of the sims it’s seems that Eddie the sequel has turned into Baja the underwhelming so I aim to fix that

Bajatondon: Legendary Super-hybrid
Health: 5450
Attack: 900
Speed: 110
Armor: 15%
immune to DoT


  • Superiority vulnerability
  • Long protection
  • Nullifying rampage
  • regeneration and run
    swap in stun

Behold Baja is REBORN!

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Have yet to encounter one. So I cannot give a verdict on how it battles. Already you are altering the abilities to be like every other dinosaur of its kind

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Lol yes it’s what I do and if you like to save 15% more on car insurance…

How is car insurance going to help when I have no vehicle? Unless you are donating one. :joy:

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Lol i think ya missed the joke

it only takes 15 minutes right?

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No I got the joke I was just being a wise guy

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:joy: (10 character)

It’s what ya do

Still it’s way better than it is now

Although I prefer devastation over nullifying rampage on Bajatonodon, I can agree on the rest, especially armor.


Lol true but which would you rather have doing 4,000 damage or killing income raptor in two hits guaranteed

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Also ya surprise it didn’t have armor I mean it literally has giant spines comping from its back and neck


Really like the idea, but i have some modifications:
Don’t think that Long protection fits well with baja’s High mobility, that’s why i like Bellow (or Dig In)
My version:
Hp 5450
Damage 1050
Armor 0% (none of its components has armor)
Speed 111
Immune to Dot

Superior Vulnerability
Null Rampage
Regen & run

Medium counter attack (due to Baja’s spikes)
Swap in heal

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Now that I think about it, nullifying rampage can come in handy as well, but Quetzorion would then lose its all unique to herself move.

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I like the way it is now. It’s all about controlling the opponent using superior vulnerability. Very good opener and can be devastating versus anything that cannot neglect slow effect. Can also set-up swap-in attack or counter attack (swap in savage becomes 60% of maximum health). Different from other creatures and still strong enough.

Lol true but I wouldn’t care if it had this kit I would put on my team being able to deal with phora, both indoms and indos, mammoth, proRAT, and Orion would be amazing :star_struck:

Used Bajatonodon and I am quite impressed. My verdict is that it stays the way it is. Learn to counter it.

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Lol counter it’s that’s easy :joy:

I used as well but still I find underwhelming

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