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Almost looks like a Tryostronix with different spines.


2 heal moves, really?

It looks like Bruton from the Dinosaur

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ooof. that could’ve gotten annoying if regen and run allowed it to cleanse lockdown.


Though locking it down will just make It do a normal regeneration

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It’s basic move has cleanse. lockdown is of little use

yeah, but it only cleanses distraction, nothing else


It looks cool as hecc

Unless it’s bleeding and locked down, though not many things do that

With 2 healing moves this creature could be near impossible to take down


Looks pretty cool surprisingly. I like the colors.

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yes, you are correct

Yep in and out healing lol. At least it doesn’t have regenerating devastation or something

It can’t bleed. It’s immune against Damage over time.

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Totally forgot about that lol

It’s immune to bleed tho right

Yeah, i forgot

I like the idea! Edmontoguanodon swaps in and swaps out with healing. I like how that adds more options to the game, but it’s also really annoying. Bajatodon has the same option, but its Devastation gives it a reason to stick around. It keeps the special options open while also encouraging a less obnoxious play style. I look forward to seeing how it works in practice!
(I’m also slightly nervous because it looks like it could be a powerful legendary that could cause me major trouble later!)
Oh, but then I just realized… Unlike Edmontoguanodon, it doesn’t stun when it swaps in. So it’s likely to lose whatever health it gains on re-entry anyway :slight_smile:


SI-heal only has a 1-turn lockdown though, and Regeneration-and-run has a 1-turn delay. It could come in, use Superior Vulnerability, then Regen-and-run to the rat (60% base health now), then Regen and swap-in heal, then repeat.
That would be some combo.