Balance and Bravery News?

Saw in my notifications about a Balance and Bravery news update. What is this exactly?

Make sure to keep checking back, @Jammer2. :smiley: Once we have more info, we’ll be sure to post it here on the forums.

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This is the link to the info… Once it gets released. Probably around tuesday next week. They normaly release the patch notes / update early in the week.

That link doesn’t work :confused:

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It says we don’t have access

As I stated, it’s not available yet because they are still editing the post or w/e.
I found that page by following every other update post they have done before.
The page name is always “update-x-name1-name2” so because of the in game email stating it was bravery and balance I found that page.

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It’s just weird they have an in game note to check out the news, only to have no news available.

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Sounds par for the course. I’m waiting until the update to uninstall. I like the idea and basic PVE gameplay, but the clear pay to win/play and horrible PVP makes it one of the worst games I’ve ever tried. If it’s still crap after the update its gone.


Agreed. For a fleeting second, I was excited, thinking I was going to be able to read release notes, and was disappointing when I remembered that this is exactly how it’s been done in the past.

Please don’t prompt players to go read something that doesn’t exist yet!


100% agree. Why make an announcement telling everyone to check out something that doesn’t exist yet… The communication from the developers is terrible.