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Balance and more Variety. Rock v Paper v Scissors v Fork v Knife

Shooting from the hip here in an attempt to foster a discussion to get more variety in Dino’s played…comments welcome!

Perhaps by adding more hard counters,
that can minimize the huge difference of power between various levels of boosted and levelled dinosaurs. MM fix could also do this I suppose… but the goal is also trying to introduce more Dino’s and choices and variety.

1). To make shields more relevant- Nerf some Dino’s with DSR by changing that skill to something else.

2). Aquatics to affect the “anti-swap” meta

I’m not asking specifically to kill the rat… but there seems to be a prevalence of swap in Dino’s on teams (Erlido, Uta, Dilo, Draco. 4 of 8 Dino’s (50%), on a team have swap ins) ) that perhaps suggests the game could have some (hard?) counters?

Add “flooding” as a passive-always on when this dino is present or new skill(s)?
Flooding could prevent the effect of a swap in skill, or swap out skill/damage. Maybe the damage occurs but the swap out doesn’t.

This has to be balanced of course so it’s not too op.
If not a passive, Perhaps adding this ability to current skills… for example…Superiority Flood Strike (superiority strike with flooding immobilize)

  1. Buff poor ole pterosaurs- who hunt fish/aquatics.
    Maybe a coding nightmare, but add to pterosaurs a secondary limited immunity to flooding only.
    Are any pteros in upper level, or prevalent, or even present, at all any teams for that matter?



We have lockdown abilities to stop (or attempt to stop) animals swapping out but I do like the idea of a passive swap-in ability nullifier. That would be a nice addition.

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Right, the tool (immobilize) exists. But there are still teams composed of 50% swap in and figured there needs to be more options either by:

1). Need to be more Dino’s with immobilizations until we see a shift downward from teams with 50% swap in compositions, or

2). Addition of some other skills , passive Or otherwise. Or immobilize linked to other skills. Which seems doable as many skills have multiple effects.

And with aquatics burbling around… figured we could kill 3 Dino’s with one stone by making them the anti-swappers. (And I love my Draco and Edmontoguanadon. But you only nerf the ones you love!)

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I see a couple options to deal with swap-ins, though it really is the rat that is the main problem, not swap-ins in general.

Option 1) A pursuit type move (from pokemon) how this works in pokemon is that pursuit is a special move that takes priority and deals double damage if the opponent tries to swap. So in JWA it would probably be something like: “Pursuit: deal 1x damage, if the opponent switches creatures then deal 2x damage and attack before the swap occurs”. This would let you punish the opponent if you correctly predicted the swap.

Option 2) Some type of reactive passive move that goes off whenever your opponent swaps. So you could have something like: “Reactive stun: when your opponent switches creatures deal 1x damage with 100% chance to stun”. These passive reactive moves should go off before the swap-in moves do.

Option 3) Just remove the special priority of swap-in moves, make them like normal moves so that if your opponent is faster then they go first. They could add some more nuance to this by making some of the SIAs instant. So Alanyklosaurus for example could have swap-in instant invincibility, which would go before normal moves unless your opponent had their own instant move and was faster, in which case they would go first. I like this option the best since the devs can play around with the speed and priority of the creatures and moves to make them balanced.