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Balance & Bounty thoughts

So, I started PvPing after app update and I found a big surprise: the leagues have been segregated. This might have been a good thing if the leagues were crowed with lot of players. Unfortunately this is not the case. Especially if you are in the Infernal League (less then 10 players) you litterally find no one for ages…and here begins the real fun…you accept to fight BOTs, even because you are curious to try the new set-up:

Surprisingly the BOTs are still super tough, all 20 levels and heavy geared. Furthermore now Halbenet has the bone.

[Edited] After 30ish matches VS BOTs, I have to say their power in quite more balanced in comparison to before. On the one hand it is true that thay are still very high level and heavy geared, YET the matches results is now more balanced (I won 75% of the battles, in some case 3-4 in a row)


As the developers would say, “It works as intended.”

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I haven’t had chance to play yet today nor will I have a chance for a while, but I read “changed bot behavior” not as changing which you fight or what their levels and gear are, but more as they actions they take when you are fighting them. Is this incorrect?

Well one good thing about bot is they have a lot of version for the same character for exemple level 18 raika sometimes has the epic weapon sometime it the legendary one it more diverse

I found the artificial intelligence of the bot currently quite bad, calliope trying to give power word: kill in the first round with all hp full, naomlen using critical buff and moving forward aimlessly, among others like tommus or halbenet using restore os heal on full hp and no negative stats. But I admit that the fact that the equipment is now random in the BOT has already greatly improved the confrontations, it only needs to improve even the AI, the same applies to the Challenge BOSS that always use the same movements without variation, causing a boredom at the time of grind.

Posser. i’m pleased you find the level 20 bots ‘quite bad’ and ‘aimless’ and the bosses in Lightfinger to cause ‘boredom’.

I wish i had heroes like yours. I sit somewhere around 150 in trophy rank and have no chance against level 20 bots and i cannot complete Lightfinger Estate Challenges. The revised formula for generating foes in Lightfinger and Heartcoil is obscene.

For me, the only element of the game that is remotely playable is the Jarlhole Event, or i play beginner challenges like Harvestshield or Hidden Forge.