[Balance Ideas]My personnal point of view to bring balance

Hello everyone, on this topic, today I am going to show you a simple method to rebalance the game somewhat, which as we all know is far from perfect.

I don’t think ludia is looking at this thread, so there’s no point in having false hope.
As a reminder, in update 2.3, there was this:

However, this topic has been a fairly long process of thought and patience, I would like to avoid seeing it get closed due to derailments.

To begin with, let’s deal with the arena issue currently:
Who completely dominates the arena?
Resilients without a doubt, many of us have noticed.
Gamepress completely validate our point of view by leaving the tier list.
although I do not agree with all of this diagram, much of it is true.

The purple frames represent what has for feature a part or the pure resilient

We can see that the resilient are very effective in their areas, namely destroying the cunnings, they are even effective to the point of destroying the fierces as well.
So, we will need first to buff fierces to give cunnings a reason to exist

Firstly,we will introduce "delayed action"
A delayed action occurs after both creatures have attacked, and occurs at end of turn.

secondly, to reduce the overuse of swap in damage, we’ll create another concept: "On escape delayed actions"
“On Entry actions” occurs between the moment,the first opponent creature swap out,and the moment the second creature swap in",it exist to focus the second creature,where “on escape” focus the first creature.

During a turn, the actions will appear in this order.

1:On escape
2:Swap out
3:On Entry
4:Swap in effect
5:Priority effect
6:Normal abilities
7:Delayed abilities

You will soon understand the importance of this detail.
NB:Actions can now have separate effects, we’ll come back to this

1/Buff of Fierce abilities

:anger: :anger: 1/Buff of Fierce abilities :anger: :anger:


Whats new?:Fierce now cleanse deceleration after getting slow (he cancels it)
Let us take 1 scenarios:
image vsimage

1:Thor use defense shattering impact /diplodocus use resilient strike.
Thor is slow while getting hit but at the end of the turn,DSI cleanse the slowdown,so thor is faster than diplodocus second round.

2/Buff DoT

:anger: :anger: 2/Buff DoT :anger: :anger:

All DoTs are bad now, in the top of gamepress, it’s simple, we don’t see any, DoTs have the particularity of inflicting little damage and often not being tanky.
So we’re going to create a new effect called Weakens
When a target is weakens:His damage are reduce by 25% or 33% (depending % of DoT it do) for Y turns,Weakens can be reduce by Weakens immunity (which should be equal of the bleed immunity,but we will see later :
Weakens can be cleanse by Cleansing abilities and cunnings abilities.
IMPORTANT:Resilient and any superiority don’t remove this effect.

Cleansing swoop/swap in wound:Opponent get Weakens by 25% 2 turns
minor swoops: Opponent get weakens by 25% 3 turns.
Lethal swoops/lethal wound:Opponent get Weakens by 33% 3 turns.
Gashing wound/maiming wound:Opponent get weakens by 33% 2 turns
Wounding counter:Opponent get weakens by 33% 1 turn

The reduction of damage stack with distraction.

Let us take 1 scenarios:

image vs image

1:Spinotahraptor use Gashing wound /sarcorixis use ferocious impact.
Sarcorixis get 33% weakens : originally,it should do 2925 dmg:It will do 1950 after ferocious impact…
Unlike distraction, Weakens is calculated after adding and subtracting damage buffs and distraction

image vsimage

Example:Thylaco use maiming wound/thor use DSS
Thor have 50% bleed immunity = 50% Weakens immunity,so if he have 2000dmg ,he will do 1670 dmg
Without weakens immunity:It would have do:1340DMG
Weakens can be cleanse by Cleansing abilities, cunnings strike and cunnings heals abilities.

3/Buff Cunnings

:anger: :anger:3/Buff Cunnings :anger: :anger:


Whats new?1/Cunnings abilities will now cleanse Dot At the end of the turn instead of when they strike.
this makes more sense, since cunnings are supposed to protect themselves from DoT, but since they are the fastest, they suffer the consequences.
Giving delayed cleanse to DoT and to Weakens (See below) will make them true counters to bleeders.
2/Aswell,the second buff come from protecting them from increased damage for the next turns.
A new effect call “Tired
Instantly negating any damage increase the next two turns.

Example 1:
image VS

1:Blue use cunnings strike/Spinosaurus use lethal wound.
Blue distract spino reducing dmg by 50% and inflict "tired"
Spino hit blue,deal 1000/2 dmg and apply Dot and weakens.
Blue clean DoT and weakens.

Example 2:
image vs image

1 turn:Rinex use cunning strike/Sarco use resilient strike
Sarco is distracted and Tired : 1600dmg/25%armor=1200Dmg (4200hp-1200dmg)=3000hp left for sarco
Sarco cleanse with resilient strike and slow utarinex: 1300dmg (3600-1300dmg)=2300hp left for rinex
2 turn:Sarco use Ferocious impact:tired automatically remove ferocious ability:13001,5=1950dmg (2300hp-1950dmg)=350hp left for rinex.
Rinex use Rampage and run: 1600
2=3200dmg 3200/25% armor=2400dmg =(3000hp-2400dmg)=600hp left for sarco.

4/Buff evasion

:anger: :anger:4/Buff evasion :anger: :anger:


with the resilient presence absolutely everywhere, evasion is no longer really useful, depending on a hazardous system when there are many mechanics to overcome it.
Maybe some evasive abilities like sidestep would get a buff like reducing damage by 75% instead of 66%.

5/short defense buff

:anger: :anger:5/short defense buff :anger: :anger:


It’s not much but I don’t see why to create a poor man’s shield and a more powerful shield next to it.

6/Creating 3 new "on entry actions

:anger: :anger:6/Creating 3 new “on entry actions”: :anger: :anger:

Remember what i told you in the beginning?
We are going to create 3 dino classes with protections against swap in.
For example:T-rex will have scary as “Entry action”

Example 1:image vs image

Opponent swap in with wooly rhino/rex is full health already on battlefield.

T-rex use Scary:Weakens opponent by 75%
Wooly rhino do 1500/4=375dmg.

If an opponent swap in with another dino which don’t deal dmg,he won’t be weakens.

7/Bring back swap in Defense shattering strike/fierce strike,and bring swap in cunning strike/evasive strike

:anger: :anger:7/Bring back swap in Defense shattering strike/fierce strike,and bring swap in cunning strike/evasive strike :anger: :anger:

Actually,in direct swap in damage,we have :

-Swap in resilient strike: Dracorex (Resilient)
-Swap in headbutt : Carbotoceratops (Resilient)
-Swap in stunning strike:Ceramagnus,einiasuchus,einiasaurus,monolorhino,wooly rhino,stegoceratops,sinoceratops,monostegotops,triceratop G1 and 2,nasutoceratops (almost all Resilient except nasuto which is joker)
-Swap in definite: Irritator G2 (Fierce)
-Swap in savagery : DC,dracorexG2,Dracoceratausaurus (Fierce/cunnings)

We therefore observe that the swap in damage are completely in favor of the resilients.
So ,bringing Swap in damage for fierce and cunnings would allow them to fight with equal weapons.

8/Nerf speed boosts

:anger: :anger:8/Nerf speed boosts :anger: :anger:

Probably the most important to go further.
Nerf speed boosts from 2 points to 1 point:
For some of you,you don’t think it will change a lot of things but if you look deeper:
Rex will have a max speed of 122 ,making cunnings still faster than him.
Thor will have 125 max speed
Secondotaure will have 134 max speed,which mean a blue with only 3 speed boosts will be at equal speed.
Monolometrodon will need at least 4 points difference with erlidom to be faster in speed.

Well that was a lot of work and hope you enjoy the ideas.
Either way, thank you for taking the time to read me to the end, I know it was long but it was necessary to improve the arena.


“On Escape Delayed action” abilities could just be called On Entry abilities. I’ve actually suggested them before, even before On Escape abilities were a thing. I think they could be interesting.

I feel like it was a bit too ambitious for people to read everything, what do you think?

When i see the increase of the recent thread about nerfing creatures,i think this is the perfect time to reupload my topic,what do you guys thinks of it?