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Balance of power has changed

So what dinosaurs are good and bad now? Obviously the Christmas Chicken got nerfed and Indominus Gen 2 it seems as well.

EDIT: Anything epic or lower still good? I’m only a level 11 so unfortunately no super dinos yet

Smaxima, Tryko, Magna, Dioraja, Tenontorex, Gemini (still good but slightly nerfed), Utarinex seems better than before now, but still has to deal with anti-distractors.

Thylacotator is awesome now.

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I’ve been trying to get it, my lion is at level 9


  • Maxima (Probably the new best creature in the game)
  • Dioraja
  • Tryko
  • Tenrex
  • Tarkus
  • Orion
  • Allosino
  • Thylacotator
  • Tryo
  • Stegodeus (Probably Tyrant again)


  • Thor (No Rampage and slow)
  • Prorat
  • Indo2 (Can’t get through armor at all now)
  • Most Dodge reliant creatures because of Resilient moves
  • Trago
  • Utasinoraptor (Lost its big damage)


  • Gemini (Still strong, but it has two opening moves on delay and long cool downs. No more cycling)
  • Monostego
  • Constrictor (Lost Sidestep, but became more survivable. Doesn’t counter Indo2 very good anymore)

All I can think of off the top of my head.