Balance... PLEASE work on it!


Hey dudes, actually it’s really annoying playing this game - it isn’t really well balanced!
If the opponent f.e. got Einiasuchus and Tricerapteros u haven’t any chance - also the problem of two till three times after changing won’t work… PLEASE find some way, or I’ll have to find the “delete game” button
… best regards, an annoyed player


What about Gorgosuchus? He’s as little as a nundasuchus and is stronger than the T-Rex. Annoying


Actually you do have a chance. You need to change up your strategy and level up your dinosaurs.

Threatening to delete the game doesn’t accomplish anything.


No, the balance is severely lacking. It makes for a bad experience


What were the levels of the Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops you played against? That often has more to do with being overpowered in a battle than the type of dinosaur.


I have the same feeling. I’ve played a lot of times already and it’s a rare situation to find an opponent that has a lower leveled beast. It’s a lot more often my T-rex 13 against a 15, my Triceratops 13 against 18, my Gorgosuchus 13 against 15 and so on.

That with the fact that my critical hits are rare as unicorns while I’m hit all the time with those 5% chance.


Real battles are in Arena 7, if you’re lower than that, you’re still in the tutorial battle, you just need to experimenting different way to fight, learn how counter, performing your Dinos abilities and set your final team!