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Balance readjust?

Spirit speed too fast maybe? Skills very good and too fast spirit speed. Maybe just me.


I’ve been saying for months how this dragon and Murmurquill are too OP and they haven’t done anything to bring them to balance, they deal too much damage compared to others of their same class given their spirit speed. There are 3 possible acceptable nerfs imo:

  1. Bring their damage down to around 120-130% and keep their current spirit speed. Why? Because other dragons that deal AoE damage like Magmanette, Cardinal combatant, Boltbeak, etc. are weaker AND can’t heal. MM and Sawmaw have 2 traits in one, there needs to be a downside to make it fair.

  2. Remove the healing and reduce the spirit speed to just “Fast”. They will still be deadly with the highest damage but not impossible to kill if you haven’t spent a fortune trying to get dragons that can heal-lock.

  3. Reduce the spirit speed to “Slow”. They have the strongest AoE damage potential in the game and they can just spam it in very few turns, meanwhile poor Cloudjumper can’t even get his special off most of the time and is weaker on top of that, how does that make sense?


I find that very difficult to take down sawmaw before it cast its ability (especially during dreadfall toothless TP event last node). Even that if you match tile and hit them, their spirit will gain even faster.
The only way I could take down is that I have really good combo, or get my toothless and gloomleer charged up and use the ability before sawmaw.


There needs to be some dragons that are legendary and plus lots probably paid a lot already for those dragons.

There are so many dragons in the game and many are very average and no body uses them, we don’t need more like that.

Both these dragons are beatable, it just requires some strategy to beat them, both will die easily when combos and dragon skills used at the exact right time, both are pretty low on defensive power too.

If you focus on them early when your dragons aren’t spirit charged you will lose, focus on the other dragons and attack at the right time.

If all the best dragons are nerfed and they don’t add new ones similar to murr and saw, there’s nothing to aim for and it will be boring no?


:point_up: I agree with @Kioco, even if the battles can be frustrating. Also, this is the strategy I use as well to take them down and they go pretty quickly unless I get an absolutely awful board.

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So how would you beat this?


Target toothless first and take some yellow defensive dragons.

How often do players have saw and murr? Not many, and if they did they are probably wallet warriors that you shouldn’t be able to beat anyways

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Sawmaw does indeed need a nerf,not a big one of course.
I would suggest decreasing its speed to fast,or make it heal for about 20-30% and decrease its damage to about 150%.


I think it’s boring when the top players all use the same team, I think most of us would prefer the game played like chess, it’s why LoL and DotA are so popular, constant balancing. Not that skill doesn’t come into play either, but it shouldnt be just use these dragons it’s the best.


Instead of nerfing or adjusting MM and Sawmaw I would just ban the two from arena teams. This will both allow us to keep their individual power for the pve modes and not cause HUGHE frustration in those who bred for them for 3 months strait but also open up the slots for other, less often used dragons.
Keep them as they are and ban them in arena = problem solved and no one will be pi… t about their precious monsters being nerfed.

What’s your arena trophy?

For that team your strategy won’t work. As long as toothless has one shot, all other charges up even faster. And all your team will die instantly after sawmaw and mur’s ability even if your whole is maxed 5 star dragon.

Try it out before you comment please.


And what if toothless is in the middle?

I’m a top 150 player. For this season, 70% of the team has either one. And 10% team has both. I only attack those 20% without. This is the current status of the game.

I’m not a wallet warrior and I have a 3-star mur. I just breed him for 2 months that it. Everyone around me has either one. It’s not about rarity, it’s about unbalance!

I understand the complaints, but I’m not in favor of nerfing individual dragons. If you’ve worked months and/or spent money to acquire specific dragons in order to build a particular team, then it really sucks to have a dragon’s abilities nerfed. For example, what happened to Cryptic Collector in the last big update ruined that dragon. In my opinion, balance is better achieved by buffing other dragons and/or adjusting game mechanics. For example, Ludia could consider adjusting the speed at which all foes acquire spirit. I seem to remember they amped up foe spirit gain across the board two or three updates ago. Anyway, I don’t have either of those two dragons, but I’d still hate to see them nerfed. I’d rather see new dragons abilities (or old dragons with buffed abilities) that if used in a particular way or paired with certain other dragons can neutralize the OP dragons.


Asolutely agree @ ZydecoMoose

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If the unbalance is a few dragons it makes far more sense to nerf them vs buff countless others. If 5 dragons do 5 damage and 1 dragon does 10, why does it make you feel better to have the 5 dragons do 10 damage vs 1 dragon do 5?

Nerf doesn’t have to mean destroy, mur got nerfed also and is still one of if not the top dragon. What they did to cryptic was terrible, you shouldn’t out right change the dragon, just adjust them. Changing speed or adjusting values of the same ability doesn’t destroy it. Changing instant spirit to spirit generation for a few turns does destroy it tho, it’s about the most useless ability.

It’s all fun to complain, until a dragon you have is nerfed. And then all the hardwork you spent into training it is wasted. The only people complaining are the ones who dont have the dragons. We should really step away from this mindset that dragons need to be nerfed. Some dragons are meant to be stronger than others, period.


I’m a top 50 player and I’ve beaten teams with both sawmaw and murmur. If there was no challenge, we would all be top 10.


Whether you like it or not, buffing and nerfing dragons is gonna have to take place. Otherwise there’ll be a lot of problems.

  1. Arena getting stale: Every day you see the same dragons/ same teams in arena and considering you can do 24 fights a day (or even more if you spend runes on arena energy) its gonna get tiresome really soon. (to be honest it already is starting to be that way)
  2. The only way to balance/spice up arena would be to constantly bring out more and more powerful dragons, which will just keep make things worse.

To be fair though the problems with arena mostly don’t have anything to do with the dragons itself, but with the way arena works. (the spirit gain being faster on defense team, certain abilities being more powerful on defense team than on offense team and no real way of countering those, …)

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So you’re saying the way to make arena enjoyable is to keep switching up which dragons are the strongest? Then why should I even work to attain a specific dragon?