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Balance readjust?

Isn’t the whole point of the game to train Dragons rather than train a specific Dragon?

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You want to make the game only playable for you. That’s what I heard from all your words. Player loss will impact your game one day as well. Hope you know what I’m talking about. That how WoW is dying.

not disagreeing with what most people said here, but honestly, they might as well introduce new higher tier dragons (leaning more toward p2p by making them more difficult to attain, but still attainable, albeit difficult, being f2p). the game meta will just be shifted to higher tier (for folks who are high(er) ranked). like most games as it becoming more mature, it will just force (very) competitive people (who tend to be more of the heavy spenders) to, spend more.

for me personally, I just join monthly fight club and spend minimal, so i have no desire to try to compete with most of you guys here and just enjoy the game for what it’s worth.

Again, I more or less agree with majority of the posts here.
But how about this?

Arena is seasonal - so how about allowing only certain dragons per season?? :bulb:
Then we would truly see how people can master them :slight_smile:

And, from time to time, all dragons could be allowed :slight_smile:

Would you agree / consider this @Marcus @Ned?

Almost no nerfing or adjusting would be necessary then.
People’s effort of getting certain dragon would be a lot more spread…

E.g.: “green season”, “3* season” “Very fast season” there are dozens of options.


The problem with Ludia buffing and nerfing dragons is that some folks are going to get CENSORED.

It is very difficult to obtain a maxed 5-star dragon. And it is absolutely unfair to someone that spends 3 months getting a great dragon to suddenly have all their hard work thrown down the toilet because Ludia does a change.

What is even more despicable is when Ludia intentionally sets people up for failure. As in offering The Shifty Murklurker in a special draft for 5k runes. Then a week later nerfing the dragon into worthlessness.

Perhaps if Ludia did their homework up front and fine-tuned the dragons in testing before releasing them then we wouldn’t have this problem.


I love this idea. It would add another dimension to an already fabulous arena. It would also keep it fresh and make us all think out the box with our teams @Marcus

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wow i think soo its good idea

CapWacky, what you said IS true also. This game’s main asset is really dragon collection. Problem is for you guys with full teams of 5* dragons or multiple teams of different 5* dragons (or close to full teams), ludia needs a way to make you guys continue to compete with one another, stay interested, (and incentive to spend extra $). like most mobile game companies, make money is first, keep (as many) players interested / motivated / satisfied is second (and yes, #2 somewhat contributes to #1). It’s a tough balance for them to strike between f2p / p2p / whales, and keeping user base / attracting new players. I’m not saying I have a clear solution, but I (along with most of us here) have absolutely seen other mobile games fail due to some / any of these reasons. I for one have no interest in arena and only doing it to fullfill quests. I personally like more single player content / storyline (seems unlikely). Other than just arena, I think the game needs to evolve and bring more content in general.

@CaptWacky Yeah it would be great if Dragons were balanced the moment they are released, but thats never going to happen :frowning: .

Its just a fact that from time to time for the sake of the game some dragons will need to be balanced. Though there are some things that ludia could do in order to not make it such a bad thing for those that spend a lot of time working on those dragons. Such as for example giving compensation to those that own the dragon (this is what blizzard does with heartstone when a certain card gets nerfed). Or perhaps let us know a while beforehand of the nerfs that are going to take place (several weeks or so).

@Mr.Cancel I also like this idea (doing this would also perhaps prevent the need for nerfing and buffing dragons regularly)

It’s a very interesting idea if you ask me!

I will share this with our designers, thanks again for the suggestion.