Balance Update


I would LOVE to see a Balance Update happen…There are way too many people using the Stegoserotops! I’ve had battle after battle where they constantly stun me on EVERY SHOT…A 33% chance means 1 of 3 turns you stun a player, or 10% is one of ten…Both these attacks stun FAR MORE than their percentages will allow…Also, the same thing goes for the Indominus Rex, when it uses Cloak it dodges EVERY attack…Ive had SO MANY games where a player starts off with it and it takes down all 3 dinos and maybe I’ll get one hit on it…I have played a lot of “app games” in the past and these issues get addressed ASAP…I think this game has the potential to make mad money, but you have to balance the dinos to keep players interested…Because it seems that the only people up there in the 3500+ trophy range with all the wicked dinos drop mad money into the game…So the “tournament”, in my opinion, is a “thank you” to those top players who have dropped massive amounts of cash into the game…And I’m not going to be one of those players at all…I hover around 3000 to 3200 trophies as getting up there you start seeing people with maxed out Legendary and Unique dinos…Without money, it’s just not possible


There’s a “balance update” every few weeks it seems. Just because you get stunned every time, doesn’t mean they stun every time. They could’ve missed every stun in the previous matches and just happened to stun you to death. I don’t know how many times I’ve missed my first stun when it’s 2 Stegoceratops battling and I’m the higher level. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes your opponent is.


When in doubt, use Stegodeus!

Yes, Stegodeus is great in counter both Stegocera & I-rex.
Also, Stegodeus is the easiest legend class hybrid to farm IMO.