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Hi. I have been reviewing certain aspects of the game and balance of the game. Here are some of my recommendations:


For a little more lethal wound balance it should not have X1 damage for more balance of the opponent dinosaur.


The issue of the DRACOCAPHYPTS has become very difficult, since it is very annoying that you are playing and you get one of them to win, taking into account that your skills do not make sense, why rays give you regeneration and purification if the joke is that do not change in that turns and this causes you to use an infinite number of attempts, and sharp daze, then the only way to beat him is with an immune dinosaur that with a devastation without delay that I managed to kill him.

And I’m not going to talk about where he got those skills.


Many players have complained about this dinosaur at the moment, the reason why it is a dinosaur that in battle can give you 3-1 or 3- and in the same way that it is invincible in a figurative sense. The reason why this dino is very powerful is why it is a difficult-to-get dinosaur, starting from being done by 3 epics, starting with the ankyntrosaurus it takes 250 anqui and 250 kentro, which means 500 ankyntrosaurus and 200 of t-rex are 700 of epic DNA so maybe you only get 10 and if it’s possible to beat it easily with a magna.

ERROR IN TEXTS: In many of the tryranos we know that their devastation is 2 behind when only 1.


I do not understand why in the incubator of missions of battle alliance concavenaror, carnotosaurus, and the other purple, they are useless and their hybrid of the purple are not good, perhaps that in the next update do not change the reward or that these have hybrids does not help much that incubator.


No. Just no. Tryko is pretty good. We’ve been over draco.

Just no

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The only real problem with Draco is that the counters to it are available after the it. I.e. if you have Erlidom or Dilorach it’s a free kill. Likewise things like Tryo & Indom can come in with a ‘charge up’ and either kill the Draco or severely maim what they swap to.

I’m looking forward to a decent swap-in-distraction (assuming it changes to 90%) because that will be another viable counter (and more fun too).