Balanced battles, not so much

When the 1.5 update was announced, there were some rumblings on some of the forums that the battle imbalance issues might be addressed. (Where players were purposely losing, then wreaking havoc winning their way back to where they should be.) For the most part I haven’t been too upset over getting defeated by someone with better creatures. (Of course I don’t like losing, but I rolled with it.) However, today was an exception. I’m currently in Sorna Marshes and met the player below. Needless to say, things did not go well.

This is who I was against:

This is my team:

This is normal upper Sorna team. Probably player went on loosing streak and fall in lower Sorna.

Since friday I was on loosing streak till yesterday and fall from Aviary to lower Lockwood. Climbed back in middle Lockwood where it seems right place for my team.