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Balances Not New Dinos

Anyone else feel like that could careless about new dinosaurs for an update and just have that update include new reworks, balance changes and overall gameplay fixes? Well this is how I feel as most of the uniques are currently not usable and an epic, of all things can take them out. Ludia, you guys need to just have an update that balances out all the Dino’s and preferably make ALL the uniques better than the epics and maybe better than most legendaries! I also feel like the strength of a Dino should be based on how hard they are to make, not necessarily their rarity. Leave a comment if you feel the same way so they might be able to see this one and change the game for the better!


I don’t think balancing means any thing any more cause of boosts. And furthermore, it’s not that out of balance when you break it down. Armor attack health speed. Then throw in a lot of players don’t have a clue how to play the Dino’s they have

Fixing bugs > Adding new creatures.

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I would like to see more tweaks to dinos which seem over-the-top.

That said, I also would like to see more dinos, especially ones which deal with difficult dinos (Majundaboa for example).

I’d definitely rather have an update dedicated to balancing than one with a bunch of new creatures.
If both is possible, then that would be great.

@User102, balancing definitely still makes a big difference, because when everything is max boosted, even small differences in base stats will make a difference on the final result. Why do you think so many forum users are afraid of a Thor buff?
Besides, balancing includes move and ability changes, it’s not limited to stat changes.

And personally, I think rarity should determine how good a creature is overall, regardless of components. Indoraptor G2 and Indominus rex G2 are iffy. But that does not mean you can’t have lower rarities doing well against higher ones. For example, Velociraptor beating Erlikospyx, or bleeders like Thylacotator against Trykosaurus. Tanycolagreus against Indoraptor.

I do think that within a rarity, ones with rarer components should be a little better. But whether they should be better than higher rarities is Ludia’s call. I wish they would tell us their take on the issue.

I’ve given up on game balance so I’d rather have cool new creatures to play with, even if they are ‘useless’ in the grand scheme of things. Bug fixes too. Game improvements that don’t fall under bug fixing? I still have some hope for em, but eh

I’d love both, one update reworking the other adding.

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They balance it every month. Nerfing Dino’s and creating new ones. Just to keep the spending going. And Thor is barely used in top arena.

You need new creatures otherwise the game gets stale and people have nothing new to go looking for. Having new creatures and fixing bugs isn’t mutually exclusive.


Referring to the balancing. And new creature is only for cash flow for Ludia. You want for balancing is done monthly by nerfing Dino’s that ftp have put boosts on. And as soon as they balance to your liking, they unbalance to some one else. And then new Dino’s come, which throw it all out of balance again. This reminds me of the whole Draco thing. Or g2 or procera. Now hardly used. Ludia doesn’t need to balance, players just have to play harder and adjust their teams.

I said this in another thread. Ludia keeps making new creatures and they make them more powerful than previous things. Look how much more powerful the Cenozoic things are compared to dinosaurs and now these Permian have a whole new move making them better too. Ludia needs to balance all eras so we can use what we please instead of the “new thing” they want us to use.

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Agreed. For example, all three of mammoth’s hybrids are top tiers, with one being tied for best in the game while another is probably at third or fourth. I think we need dinosaurs that can fight back. I would also like to see a dinosaur-cenozoic mix that keeps the mix that keeps the dinosaur rig. I would like to see what that looks like

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I’d like to see baryonyx and Tryostronix be one of the ideal mammoth hybrid counters, both can beat Woolly Mammoth and Mammolania while Tryo can beat Mammotherium. But Tryo needs 4500 HP to be that moth counter we need. Personally I think it’s ideal that we can reduce the Damage to 1400 to be identical to mammoth’s DMG and maybe reduce the armor to 10 and HP to 4200, also, I think Moth should be slower than what it currently is right now, personally I think it should be slower than some raptors when Mf’ed so I think it should have 116 speed, that way, it’s not out-speeding everything.

The scary thing about moth is that, not only is it tied with gemini for the title of the best creature in the game, it is also a regular hybrid. It could be getting a hybrid anytime soon, and that’s scary

I think you can go lower. I’m thinking more like 1350 max. Maybe lower. 1300 or 1250 should work too, that’s around Tryo’s level.
It can be good without outshining literally every other Legendary.

I mean, all you need to do to nerf it is slightly reduce its speed, reduce its damage, reduce its HP to 4200, change DSR to APR, change PFS to Ferocious Shattering Strike (33% buff for 2 turns, it was on the goat) and remove Immunity to DoT.
Ok, now that I look at it, it’s a lot of changes lol.

But that leaves plenty of room for improvement, so the Unique isn’t a carbon copy like practically all the ones we’ve been getting recently.