Balancing discussion: Mammolania & Geminititan

I know it’s a hot subject right now and I don’t want this to be another common cry for NERF!, But it’s no secret Mammolania is OP or that Gemini could use an adjustment. I have come up with some solutions I like a lot and I think would help the arena madness, what do you think?

Rebalancing the Beast of Beast
Now I have two ideas for balancing Mammolania ('Lani). The first idea is simple and probably the best & easiest, I think it makes the most sense. Everyone’s biggest problem with ‘Lani is the completely unavoidable comet that is her damage ourput (now we know how the dinosaurs went extinct :wink:). I feel like we’ve been here before. This calls for the simple but effective Definite swap! Swap Definite Rampage for Defense Shattering Rampage! Now this will Definitely help the situation, but with such a beastly abomination I think a few minor tweaks are still in order, we’ll try to be careful to not do too much. I think bringing Ol’ Lani’s Health down from 4500 to 4300 will help a little. Seems like a lot? Well not really, and she has 30% armor. We will also bring her monstrous attack down from 1500 to 1350, now her damage output is 2,025 and 4,050 respectively. So now she looks like this

Health 4300 (was 4500)
Attack 1350 (was 1500)
Speed 115 (How is an armored mountain this fast?)
Armor 30%
Critical 5%

The other way is a little more “advanced” if you will. I think this one makes more sense from the outdated “hybrids get the best from it’s ancestry” trend, but I don’t think it’s the way this creature was intended to be. We remove Immune to Distraction! This allows her to counter dodgy arena pests but keeps her controllable. Once again, I feel this thing is just way too broken for one simple change so we’ll bring it’s attack stat down to 1460 and it’s health to 4300. It’s attacks now do 2,190 and 4,380 respectively. Now she looks like this.

Health 4300 (was 4500)
Attack 1460 (was 1500)
Speed 115 (cause a turtle rhino can outrun T-rex?)
Armor 30%
Critical 5%

I think these two options are great, they should leave her a top viable tryant dino that doesn’t push the limits.

Rebalancing the Twin Titan
Now there are mixed feelings about this creature, but I believe the majority feels like this carnivorous sauropod is a bit too strong. I don’t think that it will be changed too much as I think Ludia meant for her to be an arena wrecker, so we will leave things realistic (because this Lizard is already sooooo realistic). I think all we need is to bring her attack down to 1270. This is a pretty sizable attack reduction but it’s really not bad, leaving her damage at 1,905 and 2,540. Stats would be.

Health 6000
Attack 1270
Speed 110 (once again, this can outrun a Carnotaurus!?)
Armor 00%
Critical 5%

She would still be an incredibly tanky chomper that will rule the arenas, but she would be more reasonable.

What do you think? Are these good ideas? What would you change? Thank you for reading and please be respectful, remember all opinions are unpopular to someone else. Good luck & stay strong :grin:

Sincerely Unpopular_ Opinion_07

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I would have went for removing Gemini’s immunity to bleed and slow, thus giving bleeders a chance to shine, and making speed control important. It should keep immunity to distract and stun though. And I’d leave the stats the same they are now.


Look, Mammolania and Gemini are too strong, but I feel like everyone forgets about Entelomoth in the “OP dino” discussion.


can’t rebalance these two with out moth.
But i feel the Gem nerf is in the wrong direction. Yeah the damage can come down a bit, but not so drastic imo. Also removing some immunities can help bring some other dinos back into relevance.


This is my first post, if all goes well I will look into more balancing discussions. I started looking through uniques first because of they are supposed to THE endgame, top dinosaurs.

I agree with the Mammolania stat drops, as long as Entelomoth gets similar stat drops, but I think it should keep Definite Rampage and lose Immune to Distraction, since that makes no sense and just makes Mammolania unstallable.

I think the biggest problem with Gemini is the high stats combined with immunity. I personally it should keep it’s amazing stats, or even get slightly better stats, but lose most if not all of it’s immunity. That is how it was when it was first released, before Ludia went and just smacked a full immunity onto it.

Also, I don’t think Gemini is too fast, I just think Carnotaurus’ speed is too low lol. Same with basically all the chompers who aren’t hybrids, they can actually run quite fast but let’s not get into the specifics of that.


I don’t like any tank having immunity to DoT. Not only do far too many creatures have that immunity, it also makes little sense when bleeders are supposed to be able to take it out. It’s like giving Thor immunity to distraction - you would be taking away a key counter. It’s a lazy way of making a creature powerful in this game, so I agree with Detonatress - remove Gemini’s DoT and Deceleration immunities.

I just flat out don’t agree with a 2x move being unavoidable unless the damage is pitiful, like Dimorphodon pitiful.

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Ya pls that thing is just sometimes impossible to deal with

Watch Gemini, Mammolania, and all the other stronger uniques get nerfs, but Procerat and Entelomoth remain unchanged or get buffs :joy:


I swear …

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"Geminitian has had its damaged reduced to 1100.

Mammolania has had Immunity to Distraction removed.

Entelomoth remains unchanged.

After looking at our results, we made the following changes to help balance the arena:

Trykosaurus has had its damaged reduced to 1400.

Procerathomimus receives On Escape Definitive Rampage.

Monomimus loses Immunity and gains Immunity to Distraction."


Dont understand the discussion of Gemini, why is Gemini OP?
He has only 100 Dmg and 600 HP more than Maxima.
But Maxima has 15% Armor and 30% krit…
Diplodocus you cant hunt, the dna is difficult to get.

A small HP debuff to 5700 or 5600 Hp is enough

There are so many dinos which need a balancing like Procerato, Mammolania, Phorosaurus, Mammotherium…

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Gemini has better damage output, a more reliable and spammable stalling move, way more utility in terms of kit, an impact that is unblockable and gives it a shield that can be used every other turn, a very good t1, higher health, and speed that lets it outspeed any revenge killing chompers. It essentially beats everything in the game.

Max has nothing on Gem.


Especially that maxima has to take hits while Gemini can be like lol distract

Wanna dodge lol impact

Wann speed up lol slow

Wann buff you self lol null

All maxima can do is los rampage repeat, Gemini meanwhile can do almost everything

Not only it has enough hp that it can’t be two shotted no matter what

wow sure the distraction of Gemini is so brilliant, so many dinos are immune against this…
Indo, Indo Gen 2, Magna, Quetza, Mammolania, Maxima, Erlido, Tryo and for Diora, Phora 0 Problem with the correct attack.

Maybe you can defeat the shield move to.definite impact and -300 HP

Wow you literally listed everything that loses to Geminititan congrats :champagne:

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I know which dinos dominated the tournement yesterday.
It was Mammolania, Mammotherium, Entelomoth and Phora.

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You know what counters them… Gemini