Balancing discussions


Hello folks!
I just found out about this forum and I’d like to use this opportunity to talk about balancing in this game.
I must say its pretty good balanced overall but I think all Spinosaurids are pretty much useless and in my opinion the worst Dinosaurs in the game. They have abysmal health and dont do enough Bleeding damage to live long enough to kill the enemy Dinos. I think they should get a big Health buff or maybe some kind of lifesteal to compensate this issue.

What are your opinions?


Maybe can be good idea add new skill “Drain Live” and always be the last attack on the turn, depends how it health.

Other Skill that can be cool is “Confuse” can add to dilophosaurus, and victim have 30% chance to hit himself

And last skill that i miss its “Smoke or Agility” or the evasive stat. Because always the dinos Hit.