Balancing evasive stance


Not funny when your or your opponent’s indo dodges 5 times in a row. I know that rng blah blah blah and i accept it, but sometimes it exceedes making things not funny at all.
My proposal is to balance evasive stance by making it a passive ability instead of a move.
Obviously not with 50% chance of dodging, but with something in the range from 20 to maximum 33% chance of dodging.


Well my indominus and indoraptor didnt dodge any attack in the whole day making me losing tons of battles xd


In fact, this is not fun either :rofl:


It would be fair if the cooldown for evasive stance was 1 turn longer. There’s no need for the Indo to constantly have opportunities to dodge for the entire match.


Or give it 2 guaranteed dodges. And make cloak have 1 guaranteed dodge.


Guaranteed dodge every time something cloaks? Gee, that sounds like so much fun…


Yes it’s called dodging what you intended to dodge instead of getting hit anyways.


If its 1 guarantee dodge then they would remove 2x on next attack


No they wouldn’t. You can use nullifying attacks, shields and instant invincibility.


And if you or your opponent dont have those dino in their pick then it just guaranteed win


Or you can learn to counter things without using their direct counters.


Technically, there is 3/4 chance indorex can win
T1 dodge T2 dodge = win
T1 attacked T2 dodge = win
T1 dodge T2 attacked = win
T1 attacked T2 attacked = lose


How you can learn to counter things that immune and 1 guaranteed dodge with 4x damage next turn without those moves on your hand? You said you want to give them 1 guaranteed dodge lol


Gorgo with lucky crit? Lol


3 turns without dodging, already slow speed, no armor, moderate damage. Pretty easy kill.


Yep, thats why i used it when i tied at 2-2


Or cloak when about half health


Cloaking at half health won’t matter unless they waste a strong move because they didn’t keep track of the cooldown.


They should just give all dodging dinos a shield that deploys with the cloak, and a machine gun since we’re trying to make them as overpowered as possible.


So timing something correctly to dodge a powerful move is overpowered?