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Balancing Game Idea - After Piere87 post

After read the fantastic post from Piere87 at GP, there is only one point I don’t agree and maybe I know how to fix…

When she said a apex 26 is killing unique 30 makes total sense for me!
Apex are stronger :slight_smile: They must kill unique easily! even 30 ( in my opinion)

But for years and even now we are seeing the damage a Draco can do at lvl 16!

So the idea balancing the damage by class:

Draco is Legendary = 0.4x damage (legendary) / 0.2x damage (unique) / 0.1x damage ( apex)
with this, we won’t see a lot of dracos in aviary/library anymore

Dracocerato is unique = 0.4x damage ( unique and below) / 0.2x damage ( apex)
Strong against same class, but not apex.

Cera apex=it’s above unique, he can do a lot of damage for me… yes