Balancing Idea for Thor

So the problem with Thor is not just its damage and high crit chance, but its moves. How many times have you been hit with Impact (probably nearly killed with its crit) then the follow up Instant Charge Stuns you (not every Dino is immune to them) and then wiped out by the following DSR (even non crit).

Well how about this?

Change Thor Instant Charge to Instant Strike!
Thor can till get off its damage Instantly but due to not being able to stun the non immune opponent, they aren’t forced to take the loss due to the DSR that follows!

Thor was balanced in 1.7 but boosts and matchmaking created a problem. There no balancing needed now. You can rest easy


I hope so as it does get really tough once Thor gets into a cycle on stunning and DSR your team.

I always found that when Thor’s stun didnt land (only 25% chance of failing so its not THAT often) it was manageable, but if you try and swap out to save the Dino, and get stunned, then DSR then you lose a Dino on top of the one that Thor nearly killed before it.

But really I know Thor got the IC from Allosino (Allosino was a favourite of mine) but does it really need a stun with all that damage and high crit chance? surely a priority damage dealing but non stunning would be more ideal in terms of balance?

Well its not too long till 1.8 releases and since they are adding a plethora of distracting dinosaurs, hopefully we can get some of them on team!

Hope you are right lol


Oh one last thing! You said that Thor was balanced in 1.7 but the boosts made things worse, and I totally agree! However since boosts are here to stay, shouldn’t they be taken into account when balancing something?


absolutely not. because alot of ppl fail to see that at the top things level out… so thor is not so tough up top anymore where its back to normal.

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But no everyone plays at the top or can get there ;), but you do have a point!

well why play a game without goals :slight_smile:

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Originally my goal was to reach top 500 or better, but after playing a while I realised that this type of game is designed like a carrot on a stick, with the end goal constantly being placed further away, so now my goal is to try and have fun :slight_smile:

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im just saying that these suggestions affect everyone… and the end product still exists. if they want to change boosts etc… so beit but the dino was fine before. sure it was fuel for nerfers back then add boosts and its like trying to stop an oil fire with water.


Yes thats fair enough :slight_smile:

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im hoping these new dinos help yall out against thors. next they will say… well we added dinos to help but nobody used them soo… we are pulling thors teeth out…

I find it odd that Ludia would be surprised that hardly any were used given the fact many required an arena exclusive component to level lol, things need to get to team strength or close to it to be useful, otherwise its just a liability!
And given that the only way to get things like Bary Gen2 was by battling in the arena, and due to boosts and matchmaking arena was horrible and even unplayable for many!

Its like someone telling you there is a million dollars hidden in the exposed radioactive core of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant…like is anyone REALLY gunna go to get it? lol


i wouldnt be surprised if they say… well we lowered the crit multiplier but that didnt solve the issue so we are now getting rid of the crit stat completely. but you can now buy some :slight_smile: dangling them carrots again lol

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Hahaha! So true!

Patch 1.9 Notes
Changes: Must now be VIP to play in the arena
New Feature: You now have the option to rent your own dinosaurs for the arena, renting is totally optional and you can instead opt to do nothing LOL

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reminds me of that auction in fallen kingdom. imagine if all the whales got stuck in that elevator and got chewed up by a thor lol

edit: sorry whales lol no disrespect

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Oh gawd maybe they will add it hahaha

Coming in Patch 1.9 -
Sanctuaries were actually a secret project to steal your dinosaurs so we can later sell them back to you lol


Nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf…
How about advocating for making the plethora of craptastic dinos better instead?


In terms of the things I ask for from the devs, pressing issues take priority for me. Id say boosted Thor is a pressing issue!

But thats my opinion so, everyone is free to list theirs!

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I do not think so. It would just make it useless. Folks can boost whatever, eventually everything is near about the same, everything. Why boost or use Thor if it’s going to be bad down the road? There are plenty of dinos like that that no one boost or uses for that reason. Thor isn’t good because it’s boosted Thor is good because matchmaking is placing you against a Thor boosted higher than your team.