[Balancing Ideas] Should Rhinos become stunners?

Whenever I see one dino that its totally different from the rest of their group like dracorex gen 2 being different from the rest of their dome-shape head “brothers” I cant think of anything else but why? Why is it different? Why does a group of mostly resilient creatures have one amongs them that its a fierce?
Well, the same can be said about Woolly Rhino, but instead of different classes, WRhino has a different playstyle.
As of now, WRhino is … well ahmm… do I even have to say? Hes really annoying. But despite that, its different playstyle might aswell be the default move set for the other rhinos. Think about it. We just lost a group of stunners, the hadrosaurs, and because of that why dont we just make rhinos stunners?
With this change will have 3 group of stunners:

  1. High speed, attack and run stunners, the pachycephalosaurids.

  2. High hp, dig in/regeneration, the triceratopsians

  1. High damage output (not high base damage), medium health, the rhinos.

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hmm yes i like that idea

Freeze is looking pretty good right now, huh?

I support this, but not like this. I’m surprised that this is called for right after I called for Freeze to be on not only this, but all Ice Age creatures and this is exactly a direct point of why when some asked why… because this users asks why must some be different. It just works well within the spectrum of diversity.

I literally think we actually need to stop making so many things the same by category. Change up groupings to alternate categories and you diversify balance.

So no. I oppose and move to stick to my idea of Freeze in my thread and likewise I move to expand on that as we start to move away from the “all of these do this one thing” mentality. We can keep that in small dosages and do it with diversified unification categories as well to spread around key tools for functionality and multi-rarity and categorical value.

I agree with you that freeze and stun are fundamentally quite similar. But this is why freeze as it’s own thing doesn’t need to exist, since stun and lockdown are both already in the game.

I’ll stick to my guns from before, and say that the Rhinos are more or less fine as they are. They don’t need to become stunners. Besides, don’t ceratopsians already fill the “stun” niche?

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But you miss the point. It’s a combined effort with pretty icicle effects.

You can not compare two things to a mutation of both.

Imagine Bleed and Slowing together as Slow Heart Rate for example. Totally fine.

Oh and you also are conveniently leaving out the backfire feature and the fact that it uniquely has no active resistance unlike Stun and Lockdown, but only can be countered by a small niche of dinosaurs (I’ll stop there it’s all in my thread) the point being it acts differently in full and is unique totally in interaction.

Rather than stunning strikes that make more sense on the “headbutter” family, they should have some sort of swap in stabbing move, maybe like a swap in precise strike.

I thought it wasn’t an elemental move, but it has particle effects?

You can combine stun and lockdown and call it freeze if you want, but it would just apply stun and lockdown at the same time, like Immobilize. No other debuff in the game can be described as a fusion of two other abilities. I suppose the backfiring would add uniqueness, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea in the first place.

It’s not a good idea to have a debuff that can’t be resisted. Everything needs a counter, even small and niche abilities. I guess you mentioned that it would have some, so that’s good at least.

But all that is beside the point. I still don’t think Rhinos (or any other ice age creatures) need to change in this way, whether it’s your freeze idea or this posts stun proposal. So at least you can rest easy knowing that people who were critical about your idea aren’t giving this post a free pass.

Eh, I like the stunners how they are, hadrosaurs were just swap in stun and that was it for most of them but nasuto says the same, maybe an impact


Its funny that you should mention precise. Back when I did my resilient rework, I made all resilient attacks precise instead of removing dodge. But some resilients still needed to do that, so they would receive new dodge-removing attacks. Rhinos were one of these classes (the other was stegosaurs). They would lose their resilient attacks for ones that decelerated and removed dodge. But these attacks wouldn’t cleanse distraction, which suits the rhinos since they have such high attack (I did give them 50% distraction resistance though).

That’s just an idea though, and unless they were to rework all resilient attacks to no longer remove dodge, I think the rhinos are fine as they are.

It’s not, it’s a play on words, but we are playing a game and effects would add just as blood adds to interaction in Sanctuary and in battle.

And yes, it can only be potentially countered at a 45% chance by any creature with 50% or more armor.