Balancing Ideas

☆Boosts get a separate Arena
☆We get an Option to refund boosts(I know it exists,I mean fully)
☆Procerathomimus gets a nerf(maybe speed nerf and partial instead of complete
☆Monomimus gets buffed
☆If the above Ideas regarding boosts are not implemented,remove boosts from the shop and give back the Dino Bucks for Boosts purchased in the shop.
☆Change the basic move of Spinotasuchus,and any other legendary or uniques that have strike as their basic move.
☆Introduction of Erlidominus Gen 2,this is the moveset I suggest:-

Attack:- 1350

Minimal Speedup Strike
Mutual Fury
Evasive Stance
Immune to Distraction
Immune to Deceleration


We don’t really need a third Erliko Gen 2 hybrid, and that Attack is really lacklustre compared to Indom Gen 2, Erliko Gen 2(or Erliko). Buff it up to at least 1500.

We’ll never get an unboosted Arena. The idea works well on paper but wouldn’t work in actuality. It would either end up with so many people playing unboosted that boosted rarely get games, or if it did split the player base roughly enough that neither Arena would get enough actual PvP games.

Refunding boosts in full is another one that won’t work. It isn’t cost effective.

Proceratomimus and Monomimus… yes please! Can only hope.

Boosts are here to stay. It is one of those things we will just have to live with I’m afraid.

As a personal opinion, I would rather not see more G2 animals. Instead, more actual prehistorics added to expand the game’s biodiversity.


My version of Erlidominus Gen 2:

Erlidominus Gen 2:
Ingridients:50 Erlikogamma and 50 Indominus Rex Gen 2
Critical Chance:10%

Minimal Speedup Strike
Precise Pounce
Rampage and Run
Deliberate Cloak


Patch notes info:
Immune speedster Super hybrid created from Erlikogamma and Indominus Rex GEN 2

Created from the hasty Erlikogamma and the powerful Indominus Rex GEN 2, this super hybrid has the potential to deal out some serious damage! It inherits majority of its move set from its Erlikogamma parent, but inherits its Immunity and Deliberate Cloak from its Indominus Rex GEN 2 parent. With two rampage moves and a Cloaking move, you don’t want to stand in the way of a Erlidominus GEN 2. Facing a Erlidominus GEN 2? Your best bet is precise and definite attacks to bypass its Cloak, as well as nullifying and armour.

In game information:
Due to the excess raptor genes in this hybrid’s genetic makeup, it is one of the fastest creatures to live, with a speed rivalling the Procerathomimus. This hybrid has been seen working together with other Erlidominus when hunting.


Okay,that seems pretty good , I have to admit that Deliberate Cloak seems so balanced.

A hybrid can’t have a hybrid with a hybrid

I know, but it’s better than giving Erliko Gen 2 a third hybrid, and giving OG Erliko a Gen 2 hybrid of its unique isn’t very original.

Why not just Erlikogamma + Gorgosaurus or something? Gamma already includes a raptor and erliko, and then gorgo adds the tyrannosaurid


It’d be more interesting to see a different Indominus hybrid, another erlidom doesn’t really add anything new or exciting imho.

What about something like…

Indominus Gen 2+Purussaurus

  • Definite Strike
  • Mutual Fury
  • Ferocious Impact
  • Cloak
  • Immune
  • No Escape

4300 HP
1400 Attack
112 Speed
15% Armor
10% Critical

An Indominus crocodile superhybrid would be awesome. Or a pterosaur one. I just don’t want them to waste Indominus Gen 2’s other hybrid slot on a clone of something we already have.

Dimorphodon + indog2?

Superhybrids can’t have hybrids

Dimorphodon + indominus g2

There’s a first time for everything

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Pteranodon,Indominus G2?