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Balancing: Speed Reduction and Swap-in Damage

Here, two game balancing tips for free:

  1. Limit the speed boosts to max 10 for creatures with Immunity to Speed Reduction.
  2. Swap-in damage of Swappers should always be unboosted.

For obvious reasons of course: to have a more balanced battle experience.

Only problem I see is a creature who isn’t resistant (thordor) will now be able to easily out speed things with that immunity and those creatures are normally supposed to be the counter to a creature like that.

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Better answer… make swap in moves…
1x with no effect no AP, DS
0.5 with additional effects
Make Ceras speed up 10% with a longer cool down


Cunning creatures should be the counters for immune to speed-reduc (ISR) creatures which are often fierce. My goal would be to bring the cunning to more balanced terms. Why aren’t there any cunning creatures with ISR?

The resilient swap-in monsters destroy half of the HP of the cunning (and even more in the future, particularly Ceramagnus).

The cunning really need a break and not more dirt on their slender shoulders.

I think to stop swap in moves from being as good swap in damage should all be rend damage and fierce creatures should resist rend so people are punished for using swapping

2739 swap-in dmg.

That is what we will see in the future with lv30 fully dmg boosted ceras. Hilarious!

While I agree cunning needs a buff. I think that’s there’s other ways to go about it. I think if you applied that rule to ALL creatures. You would get the result you want

Maybe more on swap moves, titanoboa g2 for example is immune to all swap in meta

Swap in stunning strike shouldn’t pierce armor, and there should be a new swap in armor piercing strike that doesn’t stun. It’s just that simple…the move shouldn’t have so much flexibility in what it can deal with. Adding better on escape abilities to the unique meta would also be a massive help. All that is ignoring how insanely strong cera is…it basically grants free trophies unboosted because it’s so strong.


I just made a topic on the subject: this needs to be fixed ASAP. Swap in Stunning Strike