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Balancing teams: how would you spend 460k DNA

Hey guys! I need your help and wise advices, this month I’ve followed some of your previous advices and thanks to that I’ve improved my team, now after a month I’ve recovered some DNA and I want your help in order to spend it in the most efficient way possible. My goal is to have the most Dinos possible at the same ferocity at least DNA amount to have a large lineup.

My weak point is Herbs and Pteros, I’m at level 81, and still missing some Sdna for better Dinos, so meanwhile I would want to work on nice Dinos that makes me a deeper line up and more balanced one. My plan was getting 5 zalmonodons, and maybe 4 Paras Gen 2 at level 30 or 40.

In what Dinos should I invest? Do you think my plan is ok? My goal is to get as much as possible to win more trophies in less time thanks for your advices!

PS: thanks so much for your previous advices, since them I’ve nailed two dominator finishes without spending greens and improved a lot my lineup. I used to have another name but Ludia tought it was not nice enough and made me change it :joy::joy:

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What hybrids do you have unlocked?

I can make every hybrid except a few tournament ones, for every other I have the Dinos at low level so I should just buy more of them and it’s done. And with S-hybrids I could make two indoraptors, but still halfway of enough sdna for the other guys.

At the point you are at, only invest DNA in tournament hybrids. You want dinos that will stick with you for the rest of the game.

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You aren’t ready to make Indoraptors yet, and you already identified where you are weak. I’d probably focus on getting some pteros first of all, like Zalmonodon, and continue to work on the creatures needed to complete all the super hybrids once you do have the necessary s-DNA to unlock them. I wouldn’t necessarily say only spend DNA on tournament hybrids, you don’t want to be in an unbalanced position waiting on an unlock that might not come for a long time, and Legendary, rare and SR hybrids are certainly useful to have as well (in particular for completing rarity events). You can keep adding more Tapejas for instance, which ultimately are going to be useful for making the s-hybrid and in the meantime will help balance out your lineup.

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Segnosuchus for Herb
Metripaphodon for Ptero
Gorgosuchus for Amph
Indoraptor for Carn

You can subsititue Zamalodon or the latest Ptero for Metriaphodon but it will not serve in as many instances as Metriaphodon IMHO.


Great, thanks 4 the advice

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Yeah I was assuming that the Metria was one that he wouldn’t have unlocked yet.

While those are definitely the primary top hybrids to focus on having, I’d still want to add more than just one type of herbivore and ptero, to be able to handle class and rarity-specific events based on your team level. Granted those are not always essential to complete and can sometimes be handled other ways (use of Clone in mod events for instance) it’s still nice to have options.

Correct, an indoraptor would destroy my team balance. I’ll go for making my zalmonodon and maybe 3-4 more tapejas.

Also thanks a lot for your spreadsheet, it has been very handy for me


Perfect, thanks for the advice sionsith, I’ll try to get cooked the ones suggested. Only one on the hold is Indoraptor, for now I prefer 4 indominus level 20 for my tournaments, I’ll wait till my team improve but certainly a goal for this year is a team of indos. Thanks!

You’re welcome! I’d definitely worked towards unlocking the Segno as well as you are able… it’s going to fill in the gap for a super strong glass cannon until the Metria unlock comes. But I personally use all my pteros more on a daily basis and in tournaments a lot so they would be my priority first. The Zalmonodon would be a good lead off creature for tournament runs for instance, and the Tapes are great all-around for a lot of events.

Thanks a lot! I’ll work in the segno, should take me a week or two. And I’ll follow the advice of tapejalodaurus crew, and also the zalmonodon.

I think this approach would help me in having multiple role dinos rather than 5 copies of one, thanks a lot :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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