About 90% of all of the skills implemented in the game are irrelevant and useless because most dinosaurs only survive 1-3 hits. The game needs some serious balancing to become viable and competitive and fun. Boosting health would fix some of this problem.
Also, common Dino’s should not be better than their rare and epic counterparts. Blue, and the pack have some great utility and diversity, that seems fun! Except that the regular common raptor has better damage and speed than all of them, not to mention that they only have enough health to survive one hit! All their skills are useless. Fix it!
Oh, and also got the subscription. So far, aside from the 50 extra gold from stops, it is useless too. Most Dino’s “escape” before the 30% extra battery is used. Like tf? Don’t do that. I’m paying you 10$ for that. Why would you handicap it. Not continueing the sub like that, sorry.


I don’t agree in some points.
I think some best stats given for common dinosaurs is a very important and great balance.
As you may notice, those common dinos with better stats, such as V-raptor and Parasaurolophus, could give beginner or those who don’t pay too much on this game more chance to win.
If they just got all useless dinos at the beginning, it will be difficult to keep playing this game. And popularity will quickly decrease.

Take a look at Parasaurolophus and Iguanodon, the former is far more useful, one main reason is speed.
Also, V-raptor got best base spd, this could let her simply counter other raptors. But for “real raptor counters”, those armored dinos with slow-down attack, V-raptor is easier to knock out than all raptors.


Balancing or Fair fight? Like hell it is. I finally made it to SS Arcadia 8hrs ago and… 1st 17 opponents had Epic level 18 dinos, my roster consist of 3 lvl 10’s (rare), 5 lvl 8’s (common), all 17 fights lasted 40 seconds!! 1 hit kills pretty much. Ludia really needs to create a system were ur dinos lvl have to meet minimum requirements in order to advance to next arena.


Ya, I get your perspective, and here is mine. I’ve hardly spent any money. Like 1 level up pack because it was a couple dollars, then I tried the VIP this week. That’s it. So my experience is not unlike what you are trying to describe. Being that I have leveled and gained experience and dna to a higher tier, I have seen what the game has to offer. I think if they don’t balance this, then as you say, popularity will quickly decrease, as I bet it already has.
Being more specific, my main point was, in it’s current state, everything gets 1-2 turns to take action, and that is not enough, for most skill sets.
On your topic, guess what? I will never use any rare or epic raptors or other Dinos. Why? Because the common ones have better stats, and are easier to level up. When a majority of skills are redundant due to an overpowered system, why use them? Especially when their stats are worse. I can think of 4 Dino’s in my lineup that I opt for over the higher tier, rare or epic or even hybrid counterparts because of this. Raptor being the absolute largest offender. My raptor one shots anything below 2k hp. Good game.

It just leads me right back to the core problem. Dino’s hit too hard, and don’t have enough hp. Maybe you would have a point otherwise.

TLDR: nerf damage, buff hp. Nerf commons or buff higher tiers. It’s simple

Edit: auto-correct is dumber than me.