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Balerions beginning needs you!

Our newest clan chapter is open and ready for members. With only 6 founding members they managed to hit 4 star alphas with no issues or losses.
If you meet our requirements feel free to message, comment here or request to join :blush: we look forward to growing our clan with you all.
Also all of our clans offer the opportunity to move up as you progress in skill and team level our top clan is currently downing 10s.

Looking for a few more people :slight_smile:

They are now downing 5 stars and looking for a few people to make it 6 :blush:

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looking for a few players still :slight_smile:

They still have room for a few more people

Looking for a few more

Now on 6 star alphas! Looking for a few more to hit 7

Looking for a few players to fill the shoes of those not pulling their weight in our entry level clan. If you meet the requirements feel free to apply their currently downing every 8 with a few 9s thrown in!
Also if your damage and consistency is up there you have the potential to move into our other 3 clans in our family all currently farming 10 star alphas :blush:

They are still in need of 2-3 people to replace inconsistent attackers!!

I would love to be considered. Name is Ozclan

Currently downing every 9 and getting our 10s to within a million health. We had a few inconsistent attackers we are looking to replace to make 10s closer to going down.
We are part of a 4 clan family in which 3/4 clans are farming 10 stars we hope to be there with them soon!