Ban Argenteryx

Argenteryx has largely surpassed every level of decency.
It’s simply not right that a creature has the power to win alone entire tournament matches with no possiility to even fight it.

  • swaps in and has an effect
  • distracts, dodges, buffs itself
  • deals a lot of damage
  • absorbs damage
  • heals repeteadly
  • you can’t swap out

Argenteryx cancels entire teams transforming the match in simply a farce.

Enough with this abuse.
Ban argenteryx, no other solution.

I’ll ask it to the end of days.
Ban argenteryx from this game.
Ban argenteryx from this game.
Ban argenteryx from this game.
Ban argenteryx from this game.
Ban argenteryx from this game.
Ban argenteryx from this game.
Ban argenteryx from this game.


Except it doesn’t. Even in a no stun tournament there are over half a dozen counters to it if not more, as discussed in another thread. I haven’t lost a dino, let alone a match to argy in this tournament!


Majungaboa, ankylodicurus, antarctopelta, suchotator : allow us to introduce our selves


You missed arguably the best, megalogaia.


Ach, how could I not think about those?
Let me try.

Oh, it swapped out and killed my counter with [insert list of counter-counters].

Next advice, plz?

No creature will ever be removed from the game

And even then it has a bunch of counters in legendary and epic environments

In unique skoona flatlines it so hard it might as well not exist


Also it got nerfed recently so it really isn’t that op anymore


No creature has or will be banned plus almost any resilient can beat argy. Brontolasmus, Sonora, Brachiosaurus, kentro, alankylodicurus, etc


It’s supposed nerf reduced nothing of its effectiveness, it just heals a bit later.
Of course in a unique environment it’s not so strong and of course they’ll never ban it from tha game, but this should be its destiny for a better game.

My 2 cents

I think this is the 5th time i have seen a teryx nerf thread.
80% of resilients counter teryx. It does not need to be nerfed.

Nerf threads are ranting, ranting is not stopped by having already be discussed.
Also, if it is so easy to counter argent, then I would not have lost long sequences of matches without half a possibility to win them.

Or you’re just a below average pvp-er? Don’t want to sound harsh but no other way to put it. Plenty of people are managing to deal with it fine, I myself as I’ve already stated have dealt with it in the tournament for no dino losses. Any tank or bleeder will more than give it a game. Don’t get me wrong, used effectively its a big weapon, but at least half the players I come across Don’t use it optimally.


Are people seriously still complaining about Teryx? It got nerfed and you want it nerfed more? It got a nerf and a buff that is good for us players.
It has it’s counters (Antarc, Scuto, Majboa, etc) sure it might be a pain to deal with somethings but it’s rather balanced.


Teryx is fine. Like people have said. I find dimodact to be the annoying one of this tournament.


I’m 100% a below average player, but not because of my skills or understanding game mechanics, quite because I totally have no luck whatsoever.
And in a luck-based game this is a major issue.

That said, if I have let’s say suchotator in team, and your draw is of 4 resilients, would you say your match is screwed with no chance of victory?
I guess not.
It will be harder, but not screwed before even beginning.
If you do not draw any resilient and opponent has argent, match is screwed with no possibility to be won.
This is something that denotes when a certain dino is to be considered OP, and argent is one of them.

My Creatures defeated more with argenteryx but My Argenteryx Defeated more creatures.

Despite what everyone else is saying, I kinda actually agree with this.

Here’s where I currently am in the tournament. I was in the top 250 earlier but other players passed me overnight. Every single creature exept for 2 are part resilient, yet Teryx are still be far the most annoying creature to come across. While it has counters, that doesn’t hide the fact that it can just swap out, and that it’s still way too powerful for its rarity. No epic pure cunning creature should be capable of taking down Titanoboa or Brachiosaurus H2H. Teryx’s stalling power combined with its unreasonably high damage output make it very difficult to kill for the majority of creatures, even resilients. While I don’t think a creature should be outright banned completely, I feel the nerf it received didn’t help much and was only made to make Teryx dittos take less time.

How Teryx should be nerfed? I would simply lower the health to 3600 and swap Evasive Rampage with Evasive Impact. This would hinder Teryx’s two biggest advantages, and should bring it on par with the other epic cunnings.


One small problem with that

Not if they swap to Majundaboa. Dimodactylus. And if they swap into Thylacotator, you can’t swap or else the creature you swap into dies. You can’t even lock Teryx in place to avoid the issue entirely. They’ll also just swap back to Teryx while you can’t swap back to Ankylod or else Teryx heals.

If you plan to lose, you will.
No amount of nerfs will help.