Ban Argenteryx

They’re 3 of the 8 most used options, it’s not like it’s a rare occurrence.

In all fairness skoona flatlines like 99% of the game currently

I’ve managed to defeat a Argent with a gorgonops about 3 times this tournament, I don’t see the issues really, yes it’s strong but it is counterable, especially with dinos that are faster, anything that has nullifying and resilient. How about ask for rubbish dinos to be buffed than cry murder on those that are strong. Who uses Aquillamimus? No one? Because it’s rubbish, buff it. Don’t nerf the stronger dinos cuz then they end up unused, if dinos are equally as strong against eachother then the game would be better
Buff don’t Nerf

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People that want Argenteryx nerfed don’t want it unusable. It should be on par with the other cunnings so it doesn’t ruin variety. Choosing to use other cunnings over it just leads to a worse performing team, so not only does everyone use Teryx, it makes battles excruciatingly long and unfun, especially when luck isn’t on your side and you don’t get any Teryx counters in your loadout. It has counters, but that doesn’t always make it balanced, especially when it can swap out with little to no punishment, then swap back in with no punishment.


Except it can’t, it’s not swap out immune.

It’s 75% resistant, and relying on 25% chance luck isn’t a great strategy.

These counter argentetryx its quite shocking


Also argenteryx is only a bit strong for tournanements, in pvp it gets clapped

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Don’t think it’s been mentioned yet, but Blue handles Argenteryx in this tournament quite nicely. And since there are no pesky swap in attackers, she seems to be quite viable for a change.

The more I play this tournament the more I question how people think Teryx is balanced for an epic. I’m running Thyla, Majunda, Titanoboa, Ankylodicurus, and Pelta on my team, and Teryx is still the only reason I lose. The only argument for Teryx being balanced gets completely bypassed by simply sending it out against something that doesn’t counter it. Send out an Ankylod? They’ll just swap to Majundaboa, Dimodac, Thyla, or Alberto, and either kill Ankylod or leave it at too low health for it to fight Teryx. If you swap out Ankylod into anything but another Teryx, it’s just gonna die. I have been in countless battles where I’m on the brink of winning, then the foe sends out Teryx out of nowhere, I lose, and I get a laugh emote to the face. Either I’m having garbage luck, or people somehow don’t find this thing difficult to kill. Again, it shouldn’t be completely banned, but it’s not hard to nerf it and make it closer in power to the other cunnings. It’s literally the only creature messing up this tournament for me, and this would be my favorite tournament if it weren’t so strong.


as an argenteryx user i 100% agree with this statement

The multiple dodge, distract, cleanse and speedup it can do in 2 turns is just ridiculous


With respect, what you describe is the whole point of the game…
Who doesn’t swap out a given dino if it’s a poor mdtchup for them if they’re in a position to do so? It’s a decision everyone has to balance throughout a battle, the risk of plugging away with what you’re currently using or trying to bring in something else. Is argy amongst the strongest epics? Yes. Is it miles ahead of every resilient? No. Personally I’ve never had problems dispatching them with epic resilients, even pre-nerf, as has been stated here by many there are about a dozen counters to it even in this restricted tournament between strong resilient and bleeders & most players are equipped with 3 resilient in their team for balance & probably a bleeder. Part of the game is preempting your opponent, if that’s a weakness for you I understand its frustrating in a game of this nature but its not a reason to nerf a dino out of existence just because you lack the prerequisite skill to fight it.

Problem with this. You can’t swap out against Teryx, or else it heals. Its insane bulk, swap prevent resistance, swap in, and on escape make it extremely good for forcing interactions and getting easy kills.

It may not be, but that doesn’t mean it should be capable of beating Brachio and Titanoboa h2h. I can’t name another epic or lower pure cunning capable of doing this.

I’m equipped with 5 resilients, Thyla, Teryx, and Alberto, yet Teryx is still capable of regularly causing me to lose battles.

I don’t want it bad. I want it on par with something like Compy, that’s still annoying but way more doable.

Yeah, that’s false, especially I regularly get top 500 in skill tourneys and 5 out of 8 of my team members are meant to destroy cunning.

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Argenteryx is arguably annoying, but most meta epic res beats it…
It is annoying when they put it last, but its easy to counter…

EDIT: Why i keep getting Suspended for saying something in a topic ( Community Content ) and just saying Indom is bad and Pho has counters??

I’ve seen more topic derails but they’re not suspended

And while Majundaboa and Megalogaia beat it, they’re left with too low health to fight anything afterwards. The only creatures that counter Teryx effectively are Pelta and Ankylod.

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i meant meta epics, which only include Gaia, Pelta, Bouncy Boi and Boa
I mean, Vulner and Speed Dec, is its worst enem, as well as shields

Megalogaia wins, but will probably die to whatever gets sent out next

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I have an answer for your question.

People that keep saying Argent is balanced belongs to that category of players whose in-game luck is above the average. That’s not an offense, it’s a mere statistical consideration.

If you always have a starting draw and/or a battle tide that favours you in managing an opponent’s Argent, you’ll be brought to believe that Argent is not unbalanced.
That’s mere psychology.

Just to be complete, I’ve met my first Argenteryx in arena (high library, just after season reset).
It had 1570 attack and literally wiped out SRG3 and a second unique I can’t remember what it was, probably Magna.

There’s really nothing to argue about.

So because your experience is negative, its unarguable fact?
Are we to ignore the fact that both uniques mentioned are part fierce, part cunning, which a pure cunning would be expected to perform well against? Also, I’m led to believe that magna much like its contributor performs rather well against flocks, does it not inherit the nullify strike?
While rng is a factor, so is strategy, which you fail to mention at all. Showing battle emulator results is irrelevant, it removes the human element of strategy/tactics.

It has nullifying impact, which has a two turn cooldown. So it’s not as good as metrodon when dealing with flocks.

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