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Ban Dracocera from arena and tournaments

Yeah you heard it right. Bar the Rat from being used in any form of combat outside of strike towers. It can have free reigns of strike towers untjl its hearts content. Just keep it in a cage while feeding it occasionally. You know like a cute little farm pet.


lol just nerf it, no need for this nonsense


Just saying they can keep the Rat just cannot use it in arena or tournaments.

Its kinda like you dont wanna face draco… but wanna keep him to help with epic strikes.


It’s kind of like I do not even use him on my team when it comes to arenas. Granted yes it is in my 8.

Once you start banning one dino, why stop there?
Kinda a slippery slope.


True just one that seems to be a fluke and is irritating


No. It’s not a slippery slope.
No other creature is hated as much as Draco, no other creature does exactly what Draco does.

I bet that the next dino on the “most hated” list behind Draco is a FRACTION of the votes compared to #1 :joy:
If Draco is a seriously imbalancing tournaments, kick his butt out! Other games ban OP and problematic stuff all the time.


Maybe learn how to counter & use Draco? Totally not trying to throw shade.


Why do you even have it in your team if you hate it so much?

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As a space filler

Got plenty of counters to it. But not all the time do they get picked for battle.

Doesn’t need a ban, just reduce its damage to 1.5 or something

Yeah right. You can have plenty of other dinos to fill that space. If you really detest it, then you should not be using it.


Don’t like rat either, but it’s one more useful creature. Even after boosts reset teams almost didn’t change. Some already boosted Thor and rat as high as they can.

No bans of creatures from arena, number of useful ones is already too thin. Although they could nerf rats damage or they should bring back Ceratopsian damages.

That goes for all dinos, not just DC. Get over it and accept it.

May the bite of 1000 max boosted Thors attack you and you not having anything to counter it.

We really…REALLY need a laugh emoticon.

It sounds like I can win any and all battles, just by having one creature in my deck. Every time I get this creature, I’m guaranteed a win. OP, no counters, nothing you can do except lose.

Is that your complaint? Or is it that I’m guaranteed a win as long as you don’t have a counter for it… I can sweep your team every single time?

Because that has not been my experience against DC in this game.

As long as proceRAThomimus is also banned. I’d gladly live a rat free life as long as it means all rats gone.

But seriously, just find a way to kill it