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Ban for Sawmaw and Murmurquill in arena

The Gritty Sawmaw and The Mythic Murmurquill are very annoying in arena. I don’t want that they will be nerfed (maybe, Sawmaw’s spirit speed needs to be nerfed from very fast to fast).

    1. Ban in arena defense team for these dragons not to hurt a lot their owners
    1. Nerf them

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Just two options:
ban or nerf

How about a third option? leave it alone


Arena can become more competitive and interesting if Sawmaw and MM would be banned from defense team. Their owners are just maxing them and Toothless/Tricky Two, and it’s their defense team, and they are sure none won’t attack it or they win if anyone attacks. It’s boring and frustrating constantly rerolling teams with Sawmaws and MM.

The game needs very powerful dragons like these two. But they are too powerful. And none of owners doesn’t want its nerfing.

In my opinion, banning from arena defense team is the best way not to nerf 5* Whispering Death and Hushboggle. Their owners can still use Sawmaw and Murmurquill in quests, alpha battles and arena battles, but just not in defense team in arena.

I like how the same players who want the new breeding odds also want murmur and sawmaw banned. This brings me to a few points:

  1. You do realize people are just now getting sawmaw/murmur because of the update? It wasn’t a problem before.
  2. You realize by nerfing or banning those two dragons new dragons will just take their place? No clue what those dragons are yet but there will always be a “best three” that will be the ideal arena defense. P2w players will have the new 3 within a week.
  3. By nerfing those dragons arena offense is going to be way easier, so we will most likely win every offense
  4. Murmuquil is supposed to be one of the hardest dragons to get in the game. It makes sense that he’s OP. If anything chestnut, cardinal combatant, royalwing, etc. all need buffs
  5. Should toothless be banned too then? He is literally in every arena defense. Way higher % than gritty or murmur

Banning these dragons raises interest to another dragons like Slick Nicker (and don’t forget about new species). People won’t breed only for Sawmaw and Murmurquill.

Your rooting for low odds for 5* only because you have incredible luck is just disgusting. You’ve got a lot of 5* and don’t want that other people are getting it. Many players still get NOTHING.


OK, I’ve understood you. This poll is closed and new poll needs “Change nothing”.

For your information I had only bred 2 5*s EVER before this update. Now I have bred 11. So no, that’s not the case. I’m just not a fan of “give everyone everything for free”. I come from a background of very grindy games and I like the feeling of achieving something that is difficult to achieve. Despite the “luck” I have had this is the most bored I have been since I started playing.

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Do you hear me? Why do another players not get so many 5*? Why do they get nothing?


Clearly people arent doing what I am doing lol. My group of friends have all gotten between 5-10 5*s

Hybrid chances are 7.5%, it costs 150 runes to speed breed. 10 times a day should get you a 5* almost every day


I have not been so lucky with my dragons breeding so far :sweat_smile:.

I did, however, get a one 5* dragon on the first day, but it has been downhill since.


I may not be informed properly, but wasn’t @Spires9 asking for lower breeding odds since breeding the first two 5 star dragons after the update? And it’s no ones fault but the breeding odds’ that luck goes on since then - very sure (s)he would’ve been fine if odds were reduced immediately to 2.5% / 1.5% with boost.

Every speeding breeding is an independent event. So it should be like 3,5%•3,5%•3,5%…, not 3,5%+3,5%+3,5%… So it’s just luck
Before update I’ve got 5 5*, after only 2 5*

Yes. This. 1.5% with boost would be perfect to include a TOTAL of 1.5% for hybrids. Right now each hybrid has 2.5% chance resulting in 7.5% total

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I have no idea what you’re talking about. We already did the math for this in a seperate thread and confirmed the odds (on average) are about every other day for a 5* if you do 10 speed ups a day

It’s mathematics. 10 speedings of breeding are independent events, there’s no matter what you’ve got before and will get after. That’s why people are speeding breeding and getting nothing.

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they always destory the arena order .
so many people had to quit gamming

Honestly you guys, this argument is going in circles at this point.

With the poll and threads, it’s clear that only a select few feel that the breeding odds need to be changed. The rest of the community finds this unfair because the argument feels biased, considering those arguing against the changes are those that are already in the privileged standing of having what they need/want, and the ability to easily obtain it where others cannot.

You can keep going on about the numbers, how to properly breed, and the longevity of the game, but as it stands, this seems to be the consensus. Continuing to argue the same points isn’t going to change that.

And, as a side note, I really don’t see why @CaptWacky’s post was flagged. I know you’re not supposed to discuss politics, but they weren’t. All they did was use two of the major political parties as an example. Nothing more was said on the matter, and it was a perfectly valid point.



The binomial probability will remain the same. However, the cumulative probability will increase with more tries.

For example, lets say the breeding probability is 3.5%. And lets say that we want to know our odds if we breed 10 times.

The cumulative probability of 10 tries at 3.5% is 30%.


Thank you.


If you do the probability maths for independent events a probability of an event happening at 8.5% means on AVERAGE it will take 12 tries, 7.5% would be about 13.