Ban the hackers please


Ban them or put them into their own hacker league so we legit players don’t have to deal with their B.S. thx


So like, we cannot even report cheaters anymore?

It’s all well and good if there is a glitch, but I faced two Dino’s that wouldn’t die. This was cheating.


A day or so ago mine didn’t die for a round or two and it was at zero. Yet I was still able to take damage from the other person and I’m just playing the game normally.

It’s either a glitch or they need to do something about their servers and connection.


Because it was a bot. Players with name starting with COM are bots. They have overleveled dinos and they don’t appear as recent players because they are not players :thinking:


Exactly! If bots are hackers that means Ludia is hacking it’s own game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!


Why would they ban hackers ? You realise how much money the unsuspecting plays are forking out to try to get thier dinos up in level to try to beat them? Thoes player have no idea they are fighting a dead end battle. More than you think …


Agreed - just came across a fight where my opponent had two Velociraptors. Not a Blue or Charlie, but two Velociraptors. I killed one and another one came out. Honestly feels like about 1/5 of the opponents I face are hacked at this point.

EDIT - Just played several more rounds on Lockdown. Changing it to 1/3 of the players I come up against. Either that or there are major bugs in the software. People are sometimes getting three turns to my one. Even if my Dino is faster they are getting first strikes - not instant strikes mind you - I understand those. These are Velo’s dishing out two hits to my one, etc. The PvP is seriously flawed. The last one I just played (quit part way through due to the hacking) was just called “Opponent Name” These people don’t even show up in my recent players list, so are they bots?

Need a simple way to report these players.


Badlands is filled with them. Lots of higher-tier hybrids spamming it up. Lots of battle freezes, then after you restart the game, you’ve lost to “OPPONENT NAME”… (This last one seems like it might be a glitch, but if so, why is it happening more in Badlands than any other arena?)


@Dalek62771 I don’t think “OPPONENT NAME” is a glitch but rather the battle ended and you just returned to the game. The server is unlikely able to capture your opponent name from the back log. I believe its a default wording if they can’t find your last match up opponent.


No, in this case the battle froze before I could choose a dino, so I backed out, did a force stop on the app, rebooted my phone, and when it finally let me back in, I had lost. This has been happening all day in Badlands. 9 times so far. About an hour ago, I was finally able to crawl back up to lockdown, no thanks to all the spoofers running riot in the arena.

Good job on “banning” them, Ludia. Not.


I just got kicked out of Arena 8 by this… if legit I’ll eat a broom :rage:

P.S. Should be ranked but isn’t… clearly a cheater…