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Bane of the flight club and seasoned riders

Skullcrusher is maxed.

Experience bar is capped.

A level 50 seasoned rider doesn’t know what to do anymore every morning he wakes up to his dragons. He is turned off by not being able to climb up like he used to. What he has isn’t great — 220 eggs, 200k gold, 200k fish storage will be full in seconds if he plays seriously. Quests? No more interested, what he’s gonna do about those murmurquill or sawmaw in the arena with even a maxed mild-temper healer support dragon?

Ludia, it’s either you refresh the game with a mind of innovation and fairness. Or players will stop paying $9.99 monthly, or quitting altogether. Who’s gonna respect the winner of arena if all that place represents is cheat and money.

And show me, if you will, how it is possible to have a maxed Maeve Buffalord?


Yes! This exactly!


Some players have a maxed Maeve’s Buffalord by killing multiple Alphas each day.

Basically, players setup several private clans. Clan mates hop into the clan and kill the Alpha. They then hop to the next clan and kill another Alpha. Repeating this process several times a day.

What I would like to know is if Ludia considers this a violation of the Community Guidelines or is it just playing smart?

Some feedback from Ludia would be nice… @Marcus

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This is kinda cheating.
I AM not maxed level. But also bored and frustrated by arena which is p2w.

Really the need more stuff for FC, cause you get kinda nothing for 10 euro a month.

Also need more for later on. I only attack Alpha and do runes. Arena only 3 reroll what doensnt help xd

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Since there is a 3 clan join limit, I would say this is an exploit

The new dragons that come out every other week is something to look forward to. They seem to be putting out better dragons so there will always be something to strive for. I’m the meantime just save up runes.

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Hey @CaptWacky,

Thank you for bringing this up. Our team did notice such behavior from players and will work on implementing stricter rules.