Banned for getting the train

As the post says I received a 3 day ban for playing whilst getting the train to my mother in laws. I can provide a copy of my train ticket as proof but when I queried the ban I was told in essence I was banned for cheating and they would not reply further. Shocking service.

If you were banned for cheating, then I’m pretty certain the train had nothing to do with it, unless it’s Wi-Fi got flagged for some reason.


Essentially they have assumed she was cheating by spoofing. What are we supposed yo do, notify them in advance by email prior to any significant travel?
Ludia claims to have an appeals process, both on forums and that game, however i know from other players that when you appeal their policy is ‘we dont accept appeals’, which kind of makes the process somewhat redundant.


That’s odd, because I have traveled a lot and played this game over multiple states, clear across the US in a short period of time. Even played in Canada when I visited there twice. The only way I can see you resolving this is to do they typical contacting support through the app or on their website.

Well I was using the trains WIFI so that could have been an issue. I have sent them a message to appeal along with a copy of the train ticket. My main concern is how to ensure I don’t erroneously get flagged again in the future for the same issue.

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